[Archive] Is this a good use of sneaky gits?


I’m thinking of running a unit of 18 sneaky gits… 3 rows of 6.

Alternately 2 ranks of 7 for 14 perhaps, with Musician

Should I use them as a hit and run? Smash them in, do some damage… if they run… hope to rally (IE: Take Musician) and repeat. Perhaps drawing a unit ahead of the main force to be pummeled by Blunderbuss?


they are a fun unit to run but personally I am not a big fan of them. They do make a good flanking unit( well if they don’t squabble of coarse)

Ancient History:

Well, here’s the thinking: Sneaky Gits have two poisoned attacks. To maximize the chance of poisoning a unit, you want to maximimize the number of attacks that the Sneaky Gits can bring to bear while minimizing risk - that means fielding slightly longer ranks so you can have those two extra models on the corners.

x = sneaky git
n = random trooperxx
Now, your average unit has ranks five abreast (yes, yes, that’s an extreme generalization), which means if you’re attacking head-on, you should go for ranks of 7. However, most units are less deep than they are wide - typically three or four units per file. So if you’re charging from the flank, your Sneaky Gits units need not be as wide; perhaps 5-6 units per rank.

Generally, I would suggest a unit of 16 Sneaky Gits (w/Champion); this guarantees you can have 7x2+2 (7 per rank, 2 ranks, with 2 extra models in the rear), 6x2+4, 5x3+1, or 4x4 - provided you have the time and space to reform the unit to meet a foe.