[Archive] Is This Ok?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well a big enough army of gobbos should be able to destroy a slave camp

I know you’ve picked Godri’s idea but how about the goblins attack sending the CD guards off by surprise they open loads of cell doors to find out where Grom is with all the cell doors open the other slaves take this oppertunity to escape sending the camp into madness. In all of the madness the goblins and Grom escape while the rest are left the die


Welcome. I don’t think the Chaos Dwarfs would keep captives. Then again, that’s my army, the Tower of Gargant, who are evil even for Chaos Dwarfs. But that’s a different story. Just make sure no Bull Centaurs are guarding him. They like their meals both alive and screaming.


Thommy H:

Could you not bump two-year-old threads please?

Kera foehunter:

It make Tommy H.very mad !! it take away from his more important reading