[Archive] Ishkur's Dawi Zharr project


You know, if you had sculpted those torsos completely from scratch, those would be awesome to sell! Easy to convert into a Dwarf model to make quick chaos dwarfs.

How long does it take you to cast a set?


I really like the idea of the moulds, I don’t think I’d do entire torsos or anything, because one of the pleasures of a fully converted army for me is that each model is unique. Even so, I may use it to recreate certain items - blunderbusses, converted war machines etc. Excellent conversions though. I really like the fact that you’ve taken the ‘big hat’ look and brought it into the 7th edition :hat off

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I didn’t quite think about selling any of these parts. Primarily because I am not sure about any problems with GW copyright policy that might exist in case of commercial trade with the cast pieces (even though the final product is my own sculpt) and also because I needed this to build up my own army as fast as possible.

the 4 different pieces are cast in one go, the resin takes about half an hour to set; so if all casts go well and there are no miscasts (with any incomplete parts, massive air bubbles or anything else) I can produce about 8 bodies in one hour.

Not much of a mass production, but good enough for my purposes. g


That’s decently fast. Like I said, it would only be good if you sculpted the whole torso yourself.

Nice work. :smiley:


Simply the best ‘Big Hat’ Chaos Dwarf conversions I have seen - even the paintjob is nice!

Well done sir, well done!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My first Hobgoblin bolt thrower is finished - probably not a masterpiece, but heck it’s only 60 Points worth anyway! :wink:



Lord Archaon:

It looks very evil for 30 points:) :stuck_out_tongue: The face/shield is much better with mustaches:) How did you paint it? The base is also great by i’d make more lava on it.
Lord Archaon


That’s great work, nice conversions on the sneaky gits, how did you make the big CD mask/shield thing?

It’s worth 30pts btw.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

It’s really too much work for 30 points, especially because I still have the parts for a second one around. :wink: The face mask was done by sculpting the face with GS on one side of a piece of polystyrene. You can actually see the two layers pretty good on the last picture.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Phew, only 3 hobgoblin wolfboyz done so far - I used the models from “Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz” but they turned out to be full of details that want to be painted, so work on this cheap cannon fodder unit takes an eternity! The scary thing about it is that I need 10 of those and have been working for a week on only 3 of them. :frowning:


Uzkul Werit:

Once again, as cool as always. I always mean to update my Wolfboyz with those models I just never seem to have the cash.

The Flying Beaver:

Those are some pretty impressive hobbos there Ishkur! :hat off


Bravo! Nicely done. A unit of 10 will like very nice!

Hashut’s Blessing:

IMO, it looks like it was a week well spent :D.

Traitor King:

Amazing models!

I realy like the casting, its a great idea.

I also love the paint sceme, inparticular the source lighting! its realy well done!

Edit: didnt relaise there was two pages…

Great bolt thrower, the mask is sweet!

Im also quite fond of the darker colorus on the wolves (compared to grey).


The whole unit is gonna look deadly when it’s done. Nice work once again, the three claws/teeth emblem is a great touch.

Lord Archaon:

Great job again Ishkur.:slight_smile: The wolfs went really nice as the hobbos.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Cheers for your comments! That will help me keep up the work on the other 7 models. :wink:


I can only say that your chaos dwarfs are the best I ahve seen ever. They are awsome. When I show this pictures to my gaming group they where blow away and really understood why I wanted to start CD. One even wanted tos tart up his fantasy army(regular dwarfs9 as he got so inspered. So good work, can�t wait until you do some bull centaurs :slight_smile:


Wow! Bravo on the HG Bolt Thrower, it looks great! The only thing I kinda don’t like about it is I’d maybe have the CD Shield thingy by a little smaller, it just seems rather large, even for a shield. Great job though, I’m envious.