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There are loads of pics around now,



I have to admit that my mind has changed a bit. When I heard the box was going to be Skaven vs High Elves, I lost nearly all interest as I have absolutely zero interest in owning high elves, but these pics have piqued my interest. Some good stuff.

I find it bizarre that the starter kits for the last few years have been awesome, but the most of the rest of the plastic troop models GW have released have been absolute crap.

Border Reiver:

Those are some really nice models - now if I only had any interest in either army.


I’m really impressed by almost all the skaven models actually, the mortar isn’t really that impressive.

My issue though is spending £55(?)  for a set I won’t use half of.  So I’ll just buy the bits I need off ebay in november or december maybe.  Give a little time for the initial buzz to die down, and to finish painting my current skaven models.


Your local FLGS doesn’t do starter kit swaps? Its a big thing around here, especially on launch day. Peeps buy the starter kit and swaps the models they don’t want with people who want them, etc.


Well after seeing these pics that settles it. I’m gonna buy that box! I might even trade models but not gonna. I’m sure I’ll find a way to use all the contents.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow if that Griffon shows the way the montrous GW mounts will look in the time to come I really look forward to a Manticore for my Chaos Lord! Very dynamic model, great claws, very nice wings. Thumbs up! :hat off


Stellar examples so far. I think I just signed up for two boxes… and I’ll be fighting it out with other bidders this Fall for some extras of these models with Hoard of Bits on eBay too :wink:



Agree, guess this will be the first new GW product I buy in 2010.

Think my next army will be Skaven, now.

I neeeeeeed this guy:

badly :smiley:

Oh, and here is some quick links to some of those lovely models, nicked at DakkaDakka:



Will check out the pics when I get home, my Iphone just isn’t big enough to take a proper look! :frowning:



Give that guy in your pic a night goblin head, chop of the tail, and I see a very cool engineers/ slavers themed hobgobbo hero.


Totally holding out for these. I do HE already and I’ve always been interested in Skaven as well.

Or they’ll just turn Hobbo or something.


Can see you can read my mind - can you also tell my future? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, dang. These are tremendous. Aside from the Rat Ogres and character models, which are all good, the High Elf sculpts are quite a bit better than the Skaven, imo.


Oh my, I am quite impressed by the standard shown in the pics! I see lots of cool bitz to use! :slight_smile:


Holy crap, i aaaaaaaaaaammmmm soooooooo getting this!

The rat ogres look fantastic and so do most of the skaven!

And hey they even made the high elves look badarse!


wow these models look amazing. Ive got some unfinished elves knocking about and ive always always loved skaven models and fluff just can never get excited painting them…too much dull drybrushing and ink washes! but these models could definately make me revisit their armies…actually who am i trying to kid i’ll just get them and hack them up for my Chaos Dwarf empire like everything else i seem to do these days!!!

Da Crusha:

I definitely knew I was getting the box before the pics but wow these models look great. Im glad I got my girlfriend to start a high elf army, I was just going to sell off the skaven but converting them to hobgoblins is a really good idea.


Normally I can’t stand High Elves but I actually want those models…

Can it be? Did GW actually put in effort?! :o Sorely tempted to dig out my old Skaven now…


Love the models, the Skaven are in the style I liked from years ago and now there is a lot more variety. Very tempting.