[Archive] Issue with Mass Emailing


Ok two strait failures from the mass emaling in the Admin console indicates there is something wrong there. We’ll have to take a look at this. That’s the reason why everyone just got two blank messages.

So with that said content of the PM: reminder, deadline for Word of Hashut #10 submissions is tomorrow; please get your stuff into either myself or Maul.

EDIT:Ok now that’s really weird. PMs show up with content. Aces! This just means Willmark needs more Tea or some other caffiene. Carry on!



I got two pms who were just fine mate! :wink:


Yeah see my edit. What I think is going on too is I forgot which version of MyBB were using here. On Dogs of War Online I’m using a different version and the controls are a bit different.

Ah well. Good to talk to everyone anyways. :wink:


Lol! :cheers

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I was going to say… I did these just last week and had no problems with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well I got two blank emails and they made me take a look at the forum PMs. Which somehow was exactly what was intended, right? :slight_smile: LOL


In other news, CDO just crossed 6 million page views. :wink:


I haven’t seen any PMs at all.

Got the e-mail Xander sent though.