[Archive] Issue with Medals & Slaves


Hey just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I’ve been looking into an issue with the medals and as of right now they are not showing up. Looks like from what I can tell right now is that there is a permissions issue that is causing them to not display at all and the plugin itself is having issues.

My initial findings is that this (may be) because of the migration to the new server. Stay tuned for further details as I’m not sure why they are having an issue at the current time.

More as I find out.



As a follow up they are still on the server so that’s good :slight_smile: just not displaying properly.


One more bit this will obviously delay the awarding of the Community Awards so stay tuned.


First time ive been able to visit today but then I notice something too. W00t no slaves either ?

Not to mention old avatar

<–<< Look :open_mouth:

Thommy H:

I want everyone to see how awesome I am! :mad

Hashut’s Blessing:

Willmark, do we maybe need to reaward the medals?

Would we also need to reinstall the slave plugin?


Erk! Interestingly enough I don’t recall turning that off… :frowning: as Xander said with infamous pruning incident of early 2008, win some lose some.

EDIT: Give me second to rename them slaves. I guess we can refer to this one as the “Great Slave Escape of 2010!” Face/Palm.

EDIT: HB- nope I’ve been talking with the webhost and it looks like a permissions issues as they are still on the site. They appear to have the right permissions now so I’ll try reenabling them later.



my slaves escaped:(


Here then have a few more :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Just wanted to remind the admins that I had 36 medals and 840 slaves, pls make sure I get all of them back when the system is back online thank you very much! :hat off


Lol the scary thing is you are not that far off on the medals.

Thommy H:

This would be a prime opportunity to create a new medal for the Regiment of Renown competition.


Why are my Slaves gone and Willmarks are still there? :expressionless:

Could it be a great conspiracy of the admins?!?! :o

Perhaps they freed the slaves because of a foul evil plan which intentions I could not imagine! :mad

The manipulator must be some important person in our midst! :~



Nope zanko the admins can adjust #s of slaves. Also our slaves are for handing out.


so will i get my slaves back?

or do i have to hunt down some new?


Get posting good quality posts and they will start to reappear!


good quality posts?

and who decides what is a “good quality” post?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

You mean that my 400 slaves are gone for good and now I have to start all over again? It took me a long time to get those!

And a “Good Quality Post” is something that takes up a lot of words. Wasn’t it for every 300 words, you get 1 slave, or something? UGH!

Hashut’s Blessing:

A good quality post gets slaves donated to you by us lot, helpful posts often get you slaves from other members and there are non-donatory methods of obtaining slaves, but we won’t divulge them, mwahahahaha :wink:


Can you please reset my slaves i had about 500…yup…:wink: