[Archive] Items for sale


Well, it is time to thing out the herd quite abit here folks.

At this time I have:


NG unit with HW and SH 20 minis painted

NG unit with Bows and command painted

Troll (the ugly BfSP kind)


Witch Hunter + Retinue with an aditional Hunter

2 SoB squads (one painted)

CSM BN Box, primed and Khrone Beserkers painted as World Eaters.

I will probably be selling my Ork Force as well which is close to a 3.5k point army. I am in the stage of getting exact numbers and such.

I am flexible on price or trade, and if wanting pics please send me a PM.




Update on the Orks for sale:

Two complete sets of Assault of Black Reach Orks (all primed)

2 Ork Warbosses

40 Ork Boyz (some painted)

10 Nobz (half painted)

6 Koptas

1 box set of Ork Lootas w/ Mek (3 painted)

1 Warboss with attack squig and combi shoota w/ big choppa

12 converted Kommandos w/ Snikrot(converted to the way the book describes him)

5 Flash Gitz converted from Ork Nobz

5 Burnas (2 OOP ones, w/ Mek OOP, can take photos if interested)

and one box set of boyz.

If interested will be willing to discuss price or trade (interested in OOP Dwarfs, of Historical miniatures like Pirates or FIW)