[Archive] Its all in the company you keep, i.e. Great Army Blogs!


Sometimes it�?Ts all about the company that you keep�?�

Being a total Chaos Dwarf geek now (ask Xander how much I pester him on IM) :slight_smile: it seems I�?Tm always on this site, well actually I really am!

So I was looking through some of the blogs and noticed just how many times some of the army blogs or showcase armies have been viewed and it�?Ts staggering!

This is no way intended to inflame or �?ocall anyone out�?�, rather it�?Ts a nice snapshot of how much traffic these blogs are experiencing. In no small part due to the phenomenal work in every single one. As of 1:26 PM, 2-5-8 here are the top 13 most viewed

Ishkur- 12,246 (Anyone shocked here?) :slight_smile:
Snotling- 8,282 (completed showcase)
Kyte- 9,659
Willmark- 4,696
Elimist- 4,111
Snotling- 3,488 (his work in progress blog)
Pyro- 2,931
Qwe50- 2,854
Bjorni- 2,666
Khan!- 2,579
Pulper- 2,565
Wallacer- 2,207
Hammerhand- 2,088

In my mind yet another reason why CDO is not only the best Chaos Dwarf site bar none, but the best Warhammer related site period. And for those not listed�?� all the more reason to get painting and start converting and posting pics!

For my own self I�?Tm just glad to be in such company.

In short, in terms of painting and converting armies (to paraphrase the movie Troy ) �?oIf they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of�?�.�?�


Well, it’s true that we are all pretty awesome. Shameless self-congratulations for everybody! :cheers


I can only agree. I just recently joined the site and went through pretty much all blogs. I found not only great minis(some almost made me spill my ale!) but also a great deal of inspiration. Great work everyone, Hashut be proud of ye!



when i first got into warhammer it was to broaden myself into the wargaming aspect of gamerdom

then about a year later i was curious about the other armies

so i went to wikipedia and found out that this army of ours is one of the few with a wbsite

this website is amazing for such a extremly undersuported army

and ive been converted by the key players on this site

you guys are amazing


i have to admit ive beenon ishkurs blog more than once, like 20 times


i can only hope to ascend to the ranks of the true immortals of this site. we have so much talent, it would be scary to see what the very best of us could do slapped together on a competition team.


Dancehat- great tag and welcome to the site.

Gil- I have been through it a few times but really paid attention this last time. His army tastes are vastly different then mine but I got inspired by a few things there for my army. Ishkur and I disagree on what CDs should look like, but agree that they should look cool, right Ishkur? :wink:

Malificant- keep working at it, 2,000 views seems (to me at least) is a sign you have “arrived” on terms of army blogs. Not to say there aren’t other great blogs out there. Xander and Grim’s come to mind.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ishkur and I disagree on what CDs should look like, but agree that they should look cool, right Ishkur? ;)

Aye, and we can be sure if GW ever churns out new CD minis, they will be the coolest villains out there! :)

Wow these are impressive numbers. Let no one out there say that we are a small community! ^^

Pyro Stick:

Woooo 7th modt viewed army blog! And its not even half finished. Maybe if i was a faster painter.

Im not at all shocked by ishkurs blog views. There is a lot of awesome stuff there!