[Archive] It's good to be back


CDO is going strong! I would just like to personally thank everyone who stuck around during the month of downtime. Thankfully everything has returned to working order, and we still have a forum to speak of!

We just passed 200 members, and we have nearly 5000 posts! Praise Hashut! As we ramp up our efforts for Nemesis Crown, this should be an exciting place!

Here are some things you can look forward to: I intend to make more content directly available from the site portion. In-depth guides, interviews with Chaos Dwarf players, sample lists, etc. Cream of the Crop content that has been produced in our community. If you have any ideas for things of this nature, shoot me an email.

We should probably also have a Nemesis section on the main site where I can put up tons of great content we produce for the campaign!

One final note: spread the word! If you know anyone remotely interested in Chaos Dwarfs, or even just conversions, hook them up with the site address! Lay the seeds for more Chaos Dwarf generals! The Chaos Dwarfs are a great army, all it takes is to inform people to get them interested. :slight_smile:


-Xander :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to hear that we’re still prospering, even after such a length of downtime. Kudos, to you Mr. Xander. Kudos…

(P.S. Know anything more about a podcast?)


Aye, a podcast would be great! I think that takes a recording studio though. . . Huzzah on reaching over 200 members! Praise Hashut indeed! I think we should have a section on the wiki for appropriate CD themed music. I have a couple of CDs (Compact Discs!!!) That have great music, almost like they were made to be listened to by CD players. . . Conspiracy. . .

Btw I actually put the CDO logo on my Myspace. I hope that’s ok. I thought that would be one good way to spread the word.


Yeah, we’re really going strong, a lot of enthusiastic posters.

Traitor King:

when was this downtime?

Im actully new here, and i love it, will pass on links whenever a get the oportunity!

Cant wait for some of this stuff you mention!

Well done Xander sir!


We were down for a whole month a short while back. My host messed with some settings, and I woke up to find nothing working. Then for a month I hounded them to fix it, but no no avail, they did not know how to fix it. Then I randomly woke up one morning and all was well. shrugs

Good to be back though, as I have spent a lot of time, energy, and a little coin (on the domain) to get this place running.

I really want to make this place the living, breathing, heart of the Chaos Dwarf community online. With well made content on the site section, I think we will get there.



Congratulation from to this great forum. Nice to see it alive and kicking, just as it should be. I fimrly belive that CD has a place still in Fantasy and sites like this one helps the cause to bring us closer to a update :slight_smile:

Traitor King:

well xander, you’re doing a good job atleats.

as for being the heart of the Chaos Dwarf community, well, its between us and HoH and alot of people are members of both aye?

Uzkul Werit:

For a minority army forum, we’re outranking the others by about four times over. Give it some time and we’ll be in the big leagues. Topping Druchii.net, you name it!


Woo, this site has really come on a pace since Feburary. Difficult to believe its only been going a few months. Lets keep up the good work!


This is an awesome site, and Xander deserves all the gratitude we can muster. It is good to have CDO back, and we will be here, hacking at the knees of our competitors until we come out on top!

:hat off to you Xander, have a Hobbo Beer, it’s freshly squeezed :cheers.


Really we outrank the longer run sites yay.

The Slaver:

I must agree with everyone else. This really is a fantastic site, and has really served to inspire me. I can’t wait to start posting pics ASAP!