[Archive] James' Chaos Dwarfs (15/03/10)


So on the 07/03/10 i start my chaos dwarfs. I spent the time with  local hobby legend and owner of a fantastic hobby store. As semi-professional sculptor i ask him to teach me the basic, right from the beginning. I’ve start with 8 years of hobby experience, only 3 of which is really been hardcore, yet basically no experience of converting or green stuff (beyond filling gaps). Any help is welcome and so are any constructive criticisms.  Thank you for visiting my blog :hat off

I’ve start by creating a rough outline of the look i’m am trying to achieve.  

From this i moved onto, starting my first unit. I decided on unit of 10 Blunderbusses. I wanted the front rank to have the that definitive pose, of them facing forward firing their weapons. This mean i had to cut away the bodies and when finished i will need to do entire body sculpts.

Here is an example of a blunderbuss design i considered using, i dropped this for the examples you can see in the above photos. So much simpler and i think, in the end, looking more gun/blunderbuss like.

By the end of this week, i aim to have finished making the unit. So expect more photos Sunday :cheers


Great Start, love it how you bulked up the blunderbusses. bit unsure about the sword, maybe you can find an equally gruesome axe


Great start to your army mate :), i like the bigger looking blunderbuss maybe use him as your unit champion or something would be a shame not to see it used, keep up the sculpting they are looking great looking forward to the next update on Sunday :slight_smile:


@alfract: yeah, i think i will change it out. i will post it with its new arm on sunday.

@Loki: Cheers mate


Very good start! :hat off

I have one aspect to criticize! The lower part of the armour … it’s much too bulky!

You made the new plates over the chainmail - and so the armour gets too huge - just bulky!

Imo you should put the Greenstuff only (quite thin) over the chainmail - not over the "cloth"part!

I cannot explain it in an better way! I hope you can understand my description! :~

The blunderbusses are ace! :cheers



@zanko, cheers. I totally get what ur saying, and its an issue i have seen myself. However i decided to basically, continue and change it next time. Instead of totally resculting. This way by the time i’ve done all my units, i will have had enough practice to make my lord look ace!

I definatly find getting proportions correct, i either get it to thin or too fat.


So firstly my apologies for not updating yesturday, however i was slowly learning once more how to walk and speech at the same time after saturday might/ Sunday morning.

However, here they are.

So i will start with a blunderbuss which is mainly sculpted, following on from my marauder theme.

I’m not really happy with the hair, i shave away the existing hair from the marauder i think.

Here are some less converted back ranking blunderbusses, just cutting away any dwarf symbols and adding some choasy bits.

The last photo is of all my choas dwarfs, put together. Slowly, but surely it shall grow. Can’t wait to do a comparison, when i have a finish army.

Provided by Loki, these will provide the basis my bull centuars. Any ideas for bodies???

Cheers for reading, Joliver :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great so far!

Most peiople use the Grudge Pony from the BFSP set. You need to file off the tail, rear parts of the harness and decapitae it though.

are you going to make the Dwarfs look like your Avitar picture?


Great work mate they are coming along now not long be fore you have a complete uint :slight_smile: I have some of the Grudge Ponys kicking around in my bits box i will dig them out for you if you want them to make the bull centaurs