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I’m french and began a chaos dwarf army few months ago, I can’t make my conversions and paints very often, but, I try to keep interest in creating this army, I will show you What I want to do :

First of all, what I’ve done for my heroes :

I used reaper minis to begin :

I chose this one for the beard :smiley:

here is how it is once finished

I wanted to use this one as sorcerer :

this is the final result (sorry for the photos, they are x.x )

I changed the beard :wink:

This is the way I will use to make my centaurs :

I’ve also done two centaurs for Blood bowl, I will post the photos later !!

enjoy, or not :wink:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Very nice mate keep up the good work :smiley:


Well that’s not bad my dear compatriot ! The two dwarfs from reaper are nice, and you centaur is not bad at all, the only problem would be about the size of the dwarf compared to the horse. But this is still some good stuff !

Continues au nom de Hashut !


Great start so far jebilo, great conversion work on the centaur the iron breaker works really well as a upper body :slight_smile:


Hey, we are a lot of frenchies :smiley:

yes, the size can be suprising, but I based on traditionnal centaurs, instead of being inspired by bulls, for which I had problems to easilly find minis …

I will see what is the result for the first flank of five, I think that it will not be abused :wink:

Edit : thanks loki, I will try to do like you and have a nice army :wink:


Thanks jebilo, well from what i see here your already well on your way to having a very nice army :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Very cool choice of sorceror. Im suprised someone hasnt used it for a chaos dwarf already.


I had to change his beard :smiley: but he has a “brother” in the same editor, I bought it too :smiley:

currently, I’m working on basic CD, with chaos warriors heads, my earthquaker full scratchbuild (of big size :D) and the great taurus, created from the reaper taurus and dragon wings …

(I have difficulties to do only one thing … I feel boring, so I work on several projects …)

I will post pictures soon


Other picture of my heroes

The General


Here are my WIPS

Chaos dwarfs

Great taurus


Now, are the explanations :

the Great taurus is a very early WIP, just spent one evening to make wings solid, to try (newbie in greenstuff) to recreate his body armor, that links to wing, and a begin of a saddle for this mini :

To know, I will try to give to the mini a “different” position, the taurus will be on a big rock, looking down, ready to jump … (later pictures, when I will manage to create what I’ve got in mind)

Chaos Dwarfs are waiting for undercoating and painting, I finished to convert them, I will not try to do more, because I would like to make a 2 or 3K points army, and I have little time to work on it every week.I did more than three, but the rest is not photographed (i don’t know if it is an English word :smiley: :D)

The earthquaker : one evening frenzy !! I had time, and a cranzy wish to make my earthquaker, so I used all what I could find (glue tip, seals, dishes :D) and put all together … I’m adding chaotic details, like on the wheels, but I will add a lot later.

Erthquaker’s painting is a test, as it was too much colored (blu, yellow green, plastic of course :wink: ) and as I tried it in my club, I was bored to hear :

“waoohhh you’re playing with you young son’s toy?”, so I undercoated, and painted in three - four colors …

here is it for the update :wink:


Wow… Now this is what I call an earthquaker canon ! Nice bear too by the way, I’ll have to try again to make some (my first tries looked like tentacles XD). Continue your work men, but, where did you find this bull ? He’s not bad at all.


as many minis I use, it comes from reaper mini !

you can find it here


I love the Reaper minis!

Cool paint scheme! :cheers

The only “problem” is that the Reaper ones are much bigger than the GW minis …

Also like the Reaper Brass Bull - I´m eager to see the completed conversion!

Go on! :wink:



thanks, I like working on my army, but I’ve not much time :smiley:

so the evolution is extremely slow :smiley:

reapers as not so bigger than GWQ’s ones …

indeed, It did not see it

Kera foehunter:

What a great use of Reaper figures !!love the evil Logan


thanks kera :wink:

new updates will come in one week, I think :wink:


Great looking earth shaker and Great taurus, the woc heads work really well on the bfsp dwarf bodies, keep the good stuff coming :slight_smile: