[Archive] Join the Surface Warlords


the Underempire is having an online campaign soon.

there are 4 factions. 3 skaven based ones and 1 non-skaven one.

i’m here as a representative of the Surface Warlords. mostly because it’s hard to recruit people to play a non-skaven on a skaven forum and because the Warlords are lead by a chaos dwarf, Hekund Kron, and yet we have no chaos dwarf players yet :frowning:

we’re currently the smallest faction, with 5 spots open, with the chance that more will in the future.

if you’re interested, here’s the fluff. if you’re already a member of the UE then you can go straight to the sign up page.

look around the Underdark sub forum for more info :slight_smile:


Response posted on the site. :slight_smile:

Come on folks! Sign up! Let’s show the vermin Chaos Dwarfs are better slavers than they are!

Steampunk vs Steampunk. How could something bad happen?


As with Animosity 4 Swiss is our go to guy! Make CDO proud.