[Archive] Joined "The Academy" today

Tarrakk Blackhand:

So…first day at “The Academy” is over. I learned about scraping seam lines, building four guys, baseing them, and then spraying Black Primer on them. So far, nothing too new from what I’ve been doing with models since I was 8 years old some 27 years ago.

Ok, the kids can assemble their 4 guys faster than I can, but I still had the better looking models. I even brought my older set of “Soviet Space Marines” with me, the ones I painted with Tremclad Rustproof Paint, so I could match my existing army with the new figures.

It’s funny…the Tremclad is a high gloss paint and pretty much everyone I show these guys to say the same thing : “The models are too Glossy. You should spray them with a dull coat.”

I just wonder if there’s some kind of written law that states that an army can’t be shiney and new looking? I like the gloss.

In fact, I came back home and almost finished the five NEXUS XXX Century Warriors, which are also in the same colour scheme as my “Soviet Space Marines”. (See this thread here : https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/10352)

Tommorrow is going to be the “Painting and Basing” day. Should be fun.