[Archive] Juggernaut going rates taking a dive?


Sorry if this has been adressed in another post, but a jugger just underperformed slightly on the 'Bay, even without original scythes and boar:


Good thing he set a reserve price.


Pyro Stick:

tbh i think juggernaut prices were just going through a phase of too many people with too much money trying to get hold of them and that pushed the price up ridicolously high. It couldnt stay at £500+ forever. Maybe the new models have had something to do with it as well.


Its a case of an item being purely a collectors piece… when all the collectors that want them (and willing to pay big money) have them, the price collapses from under the market. If the price doesn’t come down, it will hover until inflation or the amount of money less interested buyers have catches up… but that could take years or a decade.


I think there might also be a fear of recasts. I know with some of the stuff coming out with alarming regularity I would be hesitant to drop alot of money on a model I’d never seen before.


It probably doesn’t help that a lot of CD players are spending their wargaming budget right now on Warhammer Forge figures.