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It’s already at $350 :o

Border Reiver:

I’m glad that I’m going to build mine from plasticard… There’s no way in all the world that I could justify spending that much on a mini. but for those with the cash - and noone other than us geeks to justify it to - go for it.

Pyro Stick:

Its a shame we missed this thread:


Someone could have put in an offer and got it for a reasonable price.


Well different site so not suprising.


He did post this on CollectinCitadelMiniatures as well - and can only add, that he knows what it worth :wink:


It is a nice mini, but way to overpriced. It looks nice when you have it as a collectors item, but a mini worth $350 is well a little to expencive to play a game with IMO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: When they redo Chaos Dwarfs, there probably will be a new one ( hope so XD ) and then that one might be worth buying, since that price wont be so high…

Good luck on bidding if anyone is going for this one ;D


Yeah, I was wondering when I was going to see this on here.

The $350 is my bid, but hey this stupid tour of duty in Iraq has to have some kind of pay off right?

Thanks for the luck, I’m going to need it on this one.


IMO every mini is a high price worth if it is important for you/me!

… and if you/me have the money … why not!!! :cheers

In former times I had “luck” I paid “only” 125 Euro for mine! That was also too much but I wanted the Juggernaut and so it was ok for me!

So cricketofdeth my best wishes for this auction! :hat off



Good luck to those bidding but there is no way I’m spending that much!

Kera foehunter:

well this is why i gave up hope in doing a chaos dwarf old school army !!

wow where im at now you can buy a car for that much drive it into a ditch and still be a head


Winning bid was US $654.24

Gag me with a spoon…



$654.24!!! :o

I’m speechless! :mask



Oh yeah, it was too rich for me, and I thought 350 was a little much.


Winning bid was US $654.24
Gag me with a spoon.....

For a lead mini that never had rules.... crazy.


The more people think it is worth, the more they think it will be worth in the future, the more they will pay for it now - even if the first few thoughts are without a firm basis.


It’s only a matter of time until someone recasts one and starts selling them on eBay. That kind of money has got to start being a temptation to less reputable eBayers.