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Hello everyone!

New to the site but I have taken time to look through alot of the threads some real good points have been made and some cracking conversions.

Just a quick question that may have been asked before (sorry to everyone if it has!)

alot of people not just on this site have mentioned this big hat small hat thing and the use of mask’s as worn by the hellcannon crew.

I will probable turn out to be wrong but I think that the hellcannon crew have small hats and masks because they are weapon crew!

the old death rocket crew had face masks and no one else did!

ok I know they had big hats but it kind of makes sense for them to have small hats.

Ok this is just a theroy! so you can all shoot me down in flames!

Again hello eveyone:hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hello, welcome to the site. I have always advocated the use of masks for crew (protect the eyes and beard! ESPECIALLY the beard! And big nose and tusks too, I suppose…) and hats for the army. But, it’s mostly down to what you want your army to look like. :smiley:


its chaos isnt it, that can be anything, in theory you coud have a slaaneshi CD army in bondage gear and allsorts. dunno y u would tho lol


Look at how different the dwarf war machine crew are to the normal warriors. Why would it be different for our army. War machine crew aren’t exactly representative of their race.


As evidence by the seventh addition rulebook illustration, located at the top of this page, big hats may still be around. The hellcannon crew may have masks because they are crew. However, the Grudge Bearer described priests of Hashut (most likely sorcerers) that wore daemon-faced iron masks. Odd that such a high up member of Chaos Dwarf society would not have the Hat that make Chaos Dwarfs famous.

Perhaps the new skull hat is for Heroes only, with the skulls of dead victims. The skulls are small however, so meh. Maybe the slavers have skulls of slaves they have killed for disobedience. Rule through fear, etc.

It’s still highly debatable. And thus allows for creative freedom from general to general. I personally would have said hats were gone, until the 7th edition rulebook came out. Now I am not so sure.

Pyro Stick:

If CD Sorcerors had masks i would imagine them to be like the masks worn by the magic guys in the film 300. I personally love the look of the big hats but i love what the old cd’s look like as well, the renegades and the mage etc.


The tarbucket is an awesome hat, that I think every army should wear. High Elves almost do with their enormously tall spike helms. Just widen the top a bit…:hat off

In any case, I’m surprised no one has shown pictures of the Bull Centaurs. I can imagine some kind of conversion using Beastmen Centigors. It may be that I just haven’t looked in the right place though…

I can’t wait to start on my army… After building my Organ Gun almost from scratch using the [[BFSP]] cannon, I feel like I need a challenge. Besides, I’ve always admired the Chaos Dwarfs for their massive Tarbuckets!


Someone has done a Centigor->Bull Centaur conversion. Saw one on Hand of Hashut.

Love the ‘organ’ gun!


I love hats and masks but if you want to get ahead get a hat definately a chaos dwarf saying.Wonder if the sorc masks will be like Sargons mask aka king of akkadia in ancient times.:):hat:masdiversity is the spice of life


Perhaps the new skull hat is for Heroes only, with the skulls of dead victims.��The skulls are small however, so meh.��Maybe the slavers have skulls of slaves they have killed for disobedience.��Rule through fear, etc.

I don't know much about the history of CD, but when I was converting my Bull Centaurs, I cut the head of an Orc (the one that look like a skull) so that it would fit around the head of the lucky CD that was designated the champion BC.��Wearing the skull of an oponent makes sense, it provides great protection (bone is hard) and instills fear in your opponent.��I think only elite units and unit champions would wear the skulls though.��As for the regular CDs, being such a small society, that only ventures out to get more slaves, I wouldn't be surprised if the fashioned their own masks or helmets, especially the ones responsible for keeping the slaves in line (dem orcs is awfully tempermental).