[Archive] Karring Legion of Azgorh for sale-SOLD OUT


Hello guys,

I am trying to sell my Chaos Dwarf little army.

Although most of you should know these miniatures, I let you new pictures. There are:

-19 Infernal Guard (filler included)

-10 Classical Blunderbusses (filler included)

-10 Hobgoblin wolfriders (converted miniatures)

-20 Hobgoblins (converted miniatures)

-1 FW magma cannon

-1 converted magma cannon

-1 limited edition hellsmith

-1 castellan (Avatars of War)

The price I have though about is around 100 euros, although it may be negotiable. Concerning shipping cost, we would speak about them once the treat be sealed.

Should you be interested, just let me know through Private Message or answering this post.

Thank you all!


Sorry to hear you are selling up, and am sorry to say I can’t afford / don/t need any more at the moment


Sorry to see you part with it, but good luck with the sales!! The army looks great!!


well, since i don’t live in America… do you know shipping costs to ship here in Italy?


well, since i don't live in America... do you know shipping costs to ship here in Italy?

I have just sent you a Private Message, man...

And to anyone else, do not take my words as a strict guide and feel free to ask whatever you want.

Thank you all


Post updated with some changes in the selling conditions (and corrected a couple of gramma mistakes!).


Prize updated. I will the miniatures for 100 euros.


Good luck selling the army. It’s a bit sad to see you part with it. There’s a lot of conversions and good painting in it!


If you check out the shipping cost to Denmark, I’ll post a link on Powerfist (biggestdanish warhammer site).


Bloodbeards idea is decent. Powerfist has a lot of users.


If you check out the shipping cost to Denmark, I'll post a link on Powerfist (biggestdanish warhammer site).

I would be very grateful if you do so. I have a-more or less-accurate idea about how much would the shipping cost be and I would pay them.

Thank you very much


Sold to me!

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Thank you all for support and interest :hat off