[Archive] Kazmakak's Dwarfs of Nurgle .

Creepy Dwarf:

Well recently i have been playing chaos dwarfs with very good success:

Played 3 and won three!

Anyway i am not certain if My beloved Dawi Zharr are allowed in tournaments and whethere they will stand the test of time with games workshop as yet not selling the models (which i never cared for anyway) so i decided to use normal dwarf rules but with a couple of unique twists:

Exalted Lord Kazmahak stared silently at his Dawi Zharr, his grey, lifeless eyes gazed upon their armour and waepons. The millenia old runes glinted like the day they were forged and their armour shone unaturally in the twilight.

He had waited a long time to die amd soon Father Nurgle will take him and let him rest forever. His dwarfs may then be cast back into the tainted graves form whence they were summoned and their deeds, passed down through the Dawi Zharr folklore for generations to come.

Many years ago Kamahak had promised Lord Nurgle that he would destroy the puny High Elves for their meddleing in the coming of chaos and once again wreak haoc upon the defensless world. This was far to great a task for the arrogant dwarf to bear and so he failed devastatingly in the merciless gaze of father nurgle so he and his force were struck down for their impetuoes actions never to rise again or so he thought . . .

Almost two thousand years later the Storm of Chaos saw the almost destruction of the world and even when the forces of evil had nearly utterly destroyed all of the weak men the fate of the world was once again saved by Sigmar’s blessed. But far more interesting things had happened in the south. Whilst the wicked Manfred von Carstein gathered his forces fom the grave he re-awoke Lord Kazmahak and his warriors, re-born they fought off the physical control of the Vampire and held their minds intact from the ravages of his necromancers.

Lord Nurgle was suprised but not unaware that the Dwai Zharr had re-awoken and sent a message through one of his earthbound servants to the Lord. He promised Kazmahak that if he could destroy Lord Enyahil, a high elf seafarer lord, an his fleet then he would promise an everlasting life in the chaos world with him. Such an offer was impossible to turn down and so Lord Kazmahak set his orders and prepared for war!

What do you guys think?


i like it id love to see some nurgleified chaos dwarfs to go with the story


You could put that Kazmahak didn’t start evil and only sided with nurgle as a means to destroying the elves, but it tainted him and he started to like chimney hats and putting his beard in dreds. I like this fluff but i agree with torn, nurgle dwarves would be cool to see

Ghrask Dragh:

This sounds really cool! could be some good stories from the Dwarfs travels to find Lord Enyahil, maybe they run into some ‘good’ Dwarfs on the way and it all kicks off, or Manfred wants his slaves back and launches an assualt!

Love the story! would also like to see some Nurgle Dwarfs to go along with it.


Hmmm nurgly, mutated chaos dwarfs, I’m down with that. Get cracking making an army I say!