[Archive] Kera Foehunter, some sad news


For those that might not know her, Kera has pretty much been here since the very first year of CDO and we have some sad news to pass along.

No easy way to tell this but here goes:
The Staff learned that this past Saturday, September 10th that Kera was involved in a very serious car accident that claimed the life of her husband. She was very seriously injured and to the best of our knowledge is still in the hospital. Her twin girls survived and are ok. Also, Kera was pregnant with their third child at the time as well. She was induced and the baby is now in the ICU.

This is about the extent of what we know, but we wanted to pass on the news regarding one of our own. She is apparently ok from the monetary perspective and thus at this time there is no gofundme for medical bills but will keep you posted if we should that change.

We’ll try to answer any questions we can, but our knowledge of the situation is fairly limited.


Time of Madness:

Very sad news indeed :frowning: My heart goes out to her and the children.

Time of Madness


The accident happened as they were on their way to the twins 2 year birthdays… sometimes the universe is such a dick man…


Sh…t. That is seriously real sad. I’ve seen stuff on facebook lately that i thought meant her mum had had a heart surgery recently as well.


:frowning: Best wishes.

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Thommy H:

Oh, that’s awful. :frowning:


Damn. Terrible. Keep us updated Will! Wish you all the best Kera.


Sad to hear. Get well!


:frowning: that’s horrible news, but at least her kids are okay.


I barely know her but wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I wish her, and her children, all a speedy recovery.


What a terrible message. :frowning:

My thoughts are with kera and her kids.

All the best and much power for the future!



Terrible news! I wish you and your children a quick recovery and lots of strength, Kera.


I won’t put all the expletives on here, but this is really tragic and terrible news.

Poor Kera. I really hope she pulls through this ok.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

So sorry Kera! Lots of positive thoughts beaming your way!!

Ghrask Dragh:

So sad

Please keep us posted and if there is any way to get any of this to her that even though there is this bad that there are so many people here she’s never met wishing her so much good and thinking of her and of course her family

Best wishes



Oh, no. What awful news. :frowning:


My God.

My thoughts go to our CD friend.

Good luck in the times to come.

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

The New Slayer Brotherhood was (iirc) the second Warhammer faction forum I joined (just around the time of Kaptain Blacksquig’s Belly of the Beast campaign in the Sea of Claws.) Kera always brightened every topic and was fun to talk to. So yeah, this is heartbreaking news to hear. :frowning: