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Kera foehunter:

since this is my 100th post again

ok its time for you to learn how to convert a skaven into a female dwarf

1st here are the pieces you’re need

1- storm venon skaven body

2-verion 6th dwarf axes  and left arm

3  eather make a head or steal a buddy dwarf head

Ok  then…

First  you cut or hack the legs and tail off.

Then you notch the chest area   for the breast  

roll a tube shape piece of green stuff  put it in the chest area

then divide that in half

then work it into the armor

then add  head  it doesn’t have to be a nice face since you will add a scarf and hoodie

add the feet and the hood and scarf

Note :for  feet

just cut them above the foot and add it to the figure

add great weapon and arm with shield

I went with a swamp style base for those who wounder


I really like the basic face in pic 6 you can see you have sculpted female faces before.

Thanx for the tutorial, sculpting breast on plate arour looks like fun, I will try that in the future (:


Great stuff Kera… Thanks!

@Bolg: any excuse to play with breasts! Ha!


@Vulcanologist: So true (:


Great face sculpt! Keep up the good work.


love your stuff that you doing. more talent in your little finger than I’ve got in total.

Kera foehunter:

I kept the breast section of the w.i.p. Quite simple since you only get an hour or so work time with green stuff…:slight_smile:

But what i was trying to show how simple a project could be.

as far as the head you could use a male dwarf and cut his beard off …

2/3 of it will be covered anyway

I seen the skaven venion figure in a place where they sell bits on line and

though it make a cool female dwarf figure…

the hour glass figure and the non heavy plate armor

would be suited for a ranger or scouts


thanks for the info

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The Besieger:

Great start :slight_smile:

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Kera foehunter:

Some people might say Kera
what happen to your Pirate Fascination

Well if ya are still wounding
I haven’t change :hat off

Here is a Pirate dwarf chick i did for a swap a figure with a friend

If you notice  her apron is made of mishaven
dwarf beards

just like before i lack the focus to stay on one thing to longx.x


She is cute! (never a good thing for a pirate, but still) cold you make a close op of the face please?



Nice gals, like them! But then i am rather small myself.

How about a Pythia-Sorceress with female guard?


Needs more detail in the face ,not sure how you would do it,it looks like a female justs needs something,I don’t sculpt so I’m not being very helpful,it’s much better than anything I could have done



I take it back saw the picture on bug mans and I like it

Never mind

Kera foehunter:

This one better ?? but i have to wait for a sunny day

Not a real Camera person , but i did take the picture


Shiver me timbers!!

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Kera foehunter:

Ok here is some more Girls to make up my unit

since i gave this swamp look i added trees and shurbery


That’s great Kera! Love the swamp effect it makes the models very atmospheric and also brings them all together as a coherent unit. Good stuff!

Kera foehunter:

Thanks sweetie

the trees where easy i made them out of the sprigs that figures where on

i get a group picture up this week end to give the total effect

Kera foehunter:

Here are the girls that are rank up .  This is what i was trying to make happen
as i have limit money now and trying to make my units more than just plan bare bases
***Please please leave me what you think **
I just want to know if my efforts where worth it
I know there not cd  but at this time  i can’t afford them . :frowning:

Thanks Kera