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I was searching all over round here, and i cant founf¿d any nice bull to make any coonversion for a great taurus, but today I found this http://battlecollege.wikispaces.com/file/view/long-riders.jpg Hordes trollblodd Long Riders Cavalry unit, unfortunately I dont know how its the size of this … so maybe some of you can know, i hope that this be bigger than an Ogre Rhinox or a Chaos Juggernout

by the other hand I never had the chance to see a Great taurus here, so how its the size, its like Karl Franz Griffon, or bigger (or smaller)

Thanks in advance to all of you :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Heightwise, those appear to be about the size of a horse. If they were slightly “beefier” (excuse the accidental pun), I’d say go for it. However, they might look a bit too small. I’m tempted to get some myself (bisons are just WAY too cool and as a cavalry mount :open_mouth: PWN FTW!).

As for the size of the Great Taurus, it’s larger than a pegasus, due to it’s bulk, but smaller than a griffon at a guess), but not by lots. A good size is about that of the Wood Elves’ Great Stage. I believe Mr. Xander did a conversion built from that model.


i think those on the equivelant of a 40mm round so prolly on the small side. I doubt quite seriously that it would be the size of or larger than the forgeworld rhinox. As too the juggernaught size wise i think those bison are smaller but not by much. Granted those are opinions as i do not have those minis in my hand… tis based on the lines that i have seen.

may have to pick up a few for some bull centaur action, that bison blend is just too nice.

But not all Taurus’s are created equal, lol… also depends on what fluff you fit for your army. the Bison taurus could be quite nice.

Kera foehunter:

that is a cool idea i like the models they may make a better bull centaur thow


Thanks for your comments :hat off

If the Taurus is smaller than a griffon, I think i can go for this one,

I think that even is this figure is on the 40mm base, its a big mount so it could be usefull for the conversion, and then I could stand it over a rock or something Similar…

now i just have to wait till end of this month when the figure came to my hands :o


Have a look in the Great Taurus gallery perhaps this will help you to find the right basis for a Taurus … :hat off



Well thanks to your comments i decide to do my taurus with the Hordes Bison…

Here are the first photos of the work in progress, the hardest patrt was to remove the ork legs from the miniature, but finally I could do it


Cool and exellent work and idea! :hat off

I´m eager to see the Taurus with the rider on it! :slight_smile:

… and I want to see the Taurus painted! What paint scheme will you use?

And what kind of rider? A BigHat or a really cool guy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hashut’s Blessing:

Good Lord that has come out abso-ruddy-lutely brilliantly! I am astounded by how great that looks! makes notes Excellent work. How’s the rider looking so far?

the unheard one:

wow that is a cool tarus. for the fur maybe you could paint them as flames. Ican’t wait to see more.

Father Grumpmas:

That’s progressing really nicely - good job :hat off

What figure are you going to have riding it?


Great conversion work Kerbak , i like the goblin that�?Ts be squashed by the cannon ball on the base nice touch, look forward to seeing the rider and seeing it painted :slight_smile:


Thanks for your nice comments to all :hat off

For the rider, my first idea was to use a tall hat rider, but im now thinking in to make a reallly bad ass lord:yar

for painting schem im not sure, the skin will be black as well as wings, I was thinking on put some fire or lava as the balrog, but im not sure ho or where ( iwill love some ideas), I thought that maybe some flames on the Fur, but not sure, probably will be grey…

the armour definitly will be red and gold as well as for rider

Kera foehunter:

Look great and that a cool idea for a taurus