[Archive] keywords when searching UKshop for con bits


So I’ve been on the UK games workshop site buying odds and ends to begin my conversions using there search whats the best words to use in order to get skulls, arrows and heads?

To get my masks I typed in both skulls and masks before going through heads and making my selection. I didn’t find what I wanted so I think I wasn’t thinking outside the sqaure enough. Any ideas on what keywords would get me the skull and arrow sprues (and heads) I so desire

I did buy some and will use them I just want to know if there’s a better way I’d love sprues and plastic rather than the metal ones which I’m getting at the moment. Plus i’ll get more and the’ll be cheaper. Okay so I’m getting impatient to start converting. I just wanna start and see what can be achieved. It kills me not knowing the models well enough to just type in names of stuff I know I want.