[Archive] Khan!'s All Chaos all the Time - Updated Feb 12


I picked up a box of the new plastic chaos knights!  They are pretty awesome.  Since I won’t be playing any games with them I’m painting each one as dedicated to a different god (or Undivided).  Some of the pictures are shadowy, so sorry about that - I couldn’t figure out how to crop them in my editing software.  But I think y’all get the idea!

Nurgle and Khorne, pretty much all done:

Tzeentch, he fell off of his base :frowning:

And Slaanesh/Undivided WIP

:cheers:hat off


Very nice Khan! Very cool looking nights.

I like the Nurgle one the most (not just because I’m a Nurgle fan), but the others are nice too.

Is the tail on the Tzeentch one standard?

Kera foehunter:

i love the 4 horsemen of doom!! that is some great painting khan!!

nice to see your back to painting

Lord Archaon:

They are really cool Khan. Hope to see some more.

:hat off


They look fantastic - i really like the khornate one a different spin on the classic theme by adding the grey but it works really well


Cheers all!

@ swissdictator: Yep, the tail is indeed standard. All of the horse bodies have them directly attached now, thank the gods. They just go together in half, and the heads are separate.

Hey, any thoughts on the Tzeentch one’s yellow bits? I kinda feel like there needs to be some on the arms, but I don’t want to overdo it…


I think if you did it on the shoulder pads, it wouldn’t be over doing it. Basically the neck guard part, if you catch my drift.


They look great.  Its funny how far plastics have come.  The new chaos knight are much better than the old plastic ones IMO.


These guys look great. I love the highlighting work. I am impressed! :slight_smile:


Awesome work Khan! Love the Khorne guy the most. Very nice bone colour :hat off


Thanks again for the comments. I’m turning this thread into things that I am working on in relation to Chaos.  Also I’ll get a picture of my updated Slaaneshi Knight in a bit.  So, daemons!  



PIP Flamer test sample:

Time of Madness:

Love the horrors! The pink colour you have achieved looks amazing.

I dislike the bases though, if you can paint that well you should be able to come up with some nicer bases :slight_smile:

What part of Canada are you from?

Time of Madness

Pyro Stick:

I dislike the bases though, if you can paint that well you should be able to come up with some nicer bases :)

Time of Madness
I dont think the bases are finished. Knowing Khan, they will be awesome just like the rest of his stuff.


Haha well it’s true that the bases are unfinished. But it’s also true that I hate doing bases, so they tend to be boring. I’ve already cleaned up the bloodletters’ bases quite a bit, but I haven’t done so for the horrors yet.

@ Time of Madness: I’m in Calgary, and you?


I add my vote for some yellow on the shoulder pads. You could even add it to the greaves on the horses shins as well.


I have a new update:  First, some progress on the Slaaneshi knight.  Also on the flamer test model.  And all of the knights together!  Please, comments welcome as usual.  Criticism too if you like! Any thoughts on how to do the Slaaneshi knight’s sword?


Looking fantastic - especially like the horrors and the flamers

Kera foehunter:

that is so f-in cool !!! snap Snap * snap* * kera brakes her paint brushes

goes off and cry * what a great paint job Khan


Very lovely paintjobs mate! :cheers

I especially like the ‘Thousand Sons’ colours on the Tzeentchian knight!


The knights are very nicely painted. I was wondering what paints/colours you used for the Slaaneshi knight, it looks very nice. Not too bright and lurid, but still a good full  purple. I’ve been trying to nail that shade for my pre-Heresy Alpha Legion marines, but it keeps coming out too bright.