[Archive] Khan!'s Chaos Armies, many pictures


Here are some examples of my chaos armies!




:hat off


Nice conversion on the hero (the guy choking someone)

Kera foehunter:

great color i like how the color flow thew the whole army


Nice conversion on the hero (the guy choking someone)

I think that is a Games day figure. I've still got mine somewhere......

Lovely work kahn! you don't see many armies that size with the models all painted to a v.good standard!

:hat off


Thanks for the compliments! That is indeed one of the old Games Day figures… Actually he’s not just choking the elf, his hand is modelled INSIDE the elf’s torso. Which is awesome. And I wish that I could convert that well.

Pyro Stick:

You are an amazing painter. That is an amazing looking army. Great colour scheme and loads of rare models which i am envious of such as Archaon on Foot. I have been trying to get him for ages.


Great army there Khan ,the older models of deamonettes and plaguebearers are the best :hat off to you for such a well painted cohesive chaos army cool


What is with the Sooo Cute on that one banner??? :wink:

Pyro Stick:

What is with the Sooo Cute on that one banner???? ;)

Attacked by a girl maybe?


I counted seven limited edition models!SEVEN!!!You must be quite a chaos collector.:o


Thanks for all the comments! I didn’t realize I had seven limited edition models in that army…that’s crazy! I worked for GW for a couple of years, so that’s probably how I managed to acquire them. I think Archaon on foot was a company christmas present one year, and the Champion with the elf we got after a Games Day cuz they had extras.

The banners for the Slaaneshi army read: “Sooo Cute”, “So Good”, “So Tasty” and “Feel This” on the knights. At the time of painting I was watching a flash-based webcomic called Weebl and Bob, which is, in a word, surreal - I think “so tasty” was a line from the comic in reference to pie, and the other two banners came with the theme and are Slaaneshi-related (or so it seemed at the time).

Pyro Stick:

I cant find seven but there may be models there that i wouldnt know are limited edition.

WOOOO I WON ARCHAON ON FOOT!!! WOOOO!!! Now i NEED Kordel Shorgaar. The army has motivated me to start a chaos army which i have been meaning to do for a while. Do you have crom in there? (another favourite of mine)


Horray for Archaon on foot!! Kordel Shorgaar is the BSB right? If so, then yes that model is awesome. I never did get the Crom model, because it always seemed too much like the generic Champion with two hand weapons, except with different hands. I like the first one because it reminds me of Heroquest, but I never was interested in Crom.

Actually Pyro Stick, now that you mention actually looking for the seven limited models I can only count 5… Perhaps zagor66 would be kind enough to identify the missing two?

Pyro Stick:

RRR ive been trying to win a Kordel Shorgaar all day. I keep on getting outbid. DAMNED BIKLINCTO. Anyway ill try win the one soon.

What are the 5? I cant see that many but i guess you know your own army better than me.


Hm ok the five (I think) are the two BSBs from the army boxsets, Archaon on Foot, the Champion with Elf, and the masked Marauder Champion. I dunno if you can get that plastic Warhammer Quest Barbarian anymore either, although I’m not sure it’s really in the same category.

Pyro Stick:

That sounds right.

I cant believe it. I lost TWO kordel shorgaars in one day. The first went cheap and i lost it cause i did the most retarded thing ever. The second one went too high.


Wow! Khan! - thats a very great army. Love your painting style - very powerful and great looking. And as said in your CD-showcase that Keeper is truely great :slight_smile:


Someone else did the balrog scheme Khornate daemons - I knew it wasn’t just me who thought it looked like flames rather than fur on their back. Nice army Khan - always good to see another chaos collector. And I hppe that Shaagoth has the mark of Slaanesh. (S7, always strikes first, leads a unit of 4-5 dragon ogres with great weapons - nastiest shock cavalry in the game!)