[Archive] Khan!'s Chaos Dwarf: Go!


Okay, so here goes me putting my pictures up for y’all to see.��This first one is a test to see if I can get it to work at all, so I’m sure that the ones to come will be better :cheers.��The fellow attached here is my sorcerer, converted from the BFSP Slayer.��He was the first Chaos Dwarf that I made, so I’m not as happy with his beard as I am with the ones I am doing now.��Nevertheless I think I did o.k with my first-ever attempt at this kind of green-stuff converting.��I think of this dude as an angry, oily, hairy naked guy who tempers blasphemous artifacts in the blood of the innocent.��Whose hand is on fire.��And looks like a walrus.��


I like…

Is the base finished? As IMO its the only thing that needs improving at the moment. That aside its the goods.

Cheers, Mont


Great conversion, cover up that slot in the base and you have a real winner. :slight_smile:


Yes the base is substantially not finished. Bases bore me so I always forget about them… More pictures forthcoming in between all the paper-writing I am doing! :hat

Lord Archaon:

Good job!:slight_smile:

But I think he is a bit bold.

The fire hand is cool.:cheers


Can we get more pics of him, he’s very cool! Nice blue skin tone as well.

Father Grumpmas:

He’s really nice - very dynamic looking. The base is excellent too.


Okay, so more pictures! :)��First, sorcerer guy from behind.��He is naked!��Other ones are my completed warrior unit, as well as the unit champion and the guys that I thought came out well.��You may notice that they are not red.��This is because, altho I really like painting red, I paint it all the frakkin’ time.��I have two armies that are a red-scheme, and two more that have substantial amounts of red in them.��For this reason I thought I might try something different - hence the khaki.��Also I like evil armies with bright colour schemes.��

You may additionally notice that while the sorcerer has grey skin, the rest of them do not.��This is because of two things.��First, when I painted a warrior with grey skin for the first time, I didn’t like the way it turned out.��Second, I paint with Codex Grey all the frakkin’ time.��The only colour I paint with as much as red is grey.��Thus, I decided not to paint an entire army of grey-skinned dwarves (altho I think it would be cool).��My explanation for the sorcerer is that he is turning into stone.��:~

Also, the bases need doing.��Sigh.

Thanks for all the comments!��@ Lord Archaon, I’m not sure what you mean about being too bold, could you be more specific?

Father Grumpmas:

Liking the look of your warriors a lot. They have a solid uncluttered but quite grim look. Good for stunties living in an industrial wasteland.


Wow, great stuff! Loving those warriors! Can’t wait for more! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

The warriors look REALLY cool IMO. I especially like the faceplate of the champion and the Cyclops-visor of the warriors and the headsash one of them has. Excellent job!

(P.S. Post 300! Should’ve posted it in the 300 thread, but that was post 299)

Lord Archaon:

The champion is great!:cheers
I said a bit bold but not much and i ment thet his helm was a little square from the first glance. :slight_smile: It would be great if you made him horns or hair but he is cool.:cheers
P.S, i love your color choices. Your army fluff is something about an Ambush on the Ivory road, am i right?


@ Lord Archaon:��Ah, yes I understand now!��His mask is indeed very square, altho it curves a bit to the sides in person.��I actually haven’t considered the army fluff at all :slight_smile: - right now they’re just dwarfs who like chaos too much.

Yes I am happy with the concept of the champion definitely, altho I don’t think I’ve got the execution down quite yet.��I’ve decided that all of my champions and characters will have bull horns like that, and I will cross my fingers that it ends up looking good!

Thanks for all the comments!��Soon I will post photos of great-weapon dwarfs and a hero-type!��For now, here is a close up of the command group.

The Flying Beaver:

I love that guy with the turban. Keep 'em coming Khan!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Sweet! I like the colour scheme. :wink:


Hm, I notice that there is only a limited amount of attaching that I can do. Is there a way that I can upload pictures into my posts directly? I don’t have a website with pictures to add a URL unfortunately… I would like to show off more stuff as I complete it, but am concerned about being unable to :h Any suggestions?


I can increase the amount of space. How much are you using already?


Presently I am using 1.8 of the 9.5 mb, so its not really a big deal at this point. I was just thinking ahead…:mask


Coming along well! Nice original colourscheme - as others have said, very industrial.:hat off

You should pm me and let me know where you are in Calgary - Ive been having to force the wife to game with me here and there but its just not the same when the person your playing just isnt interested:~


very cool i like the socerer