[Archive] khemri sphinx as lamassu?


hi togehter!

well the onely thing to say is that i play khemri to but DISLIKE (not to say it makes me gonna ****) this new models…

but the sphinx could maybe get upgradet

what du you think about this idea?

would it be possible?

Da Crusha:

I think It would be kinda big to be a lammasu. the sphinx’s base looks much bigger than a 50mm base.


I plan to use one as a lammasu I may make it rearing up on it’s hind legs if necessary, I also look forward to making good use of all the extras it comes with.


Would make for a HUGE lamassu, but If others try it and it works I may follow


Could work as a collossus, maybe?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Anonymouse, you beat me to it. A lammasu-styled collossus. Although, it pretty much is like the one from Ancient History’s avatar (a.k.a. the one at the Natural History Museum in London).

All ya got to do is de-Egyptify it and en-zharrify it!


Yoink! :slight_smile:

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i try to make it "ready for take off"

as a collossus it would also look great!

en-zharrify? :smiley: the word of the year :cheers

but you are right!

…this could be some work…x.x


With some work I could think it could also make for some nice terrain too. Be it the Khemrian Sphinx, painted as stone, or with some work a Chaos Dwarf Lammassu statue (possibly using the Sphinx rules or a couple others).

If I didn’t have something great for the sphinx, I’d consider it, though I might still (and use what I now have for a sinister statue).

Otherwise I suspect it’d be way too big without some SERIOUS work. However, if you’re not allowed to use CD rules in your area, but can use the Forgeworld stuff you could run your Chaos Dwarfs under WoC rules and use it as a War Mammoth (rules wise)


oh iam allowed to use cd rules (indy gt)

but iam the onely cd player :frowning:

ok also the oneyone who play khemri :~

thats a lot of work i know, but i try!

its in my head…i have to get it out of there…


I have seen the model in the flesh and i think you could get away with it, with all the armour and the metal wings it could be a hybrid to beast and machine a little on the big side but if done right would look really good, best of luck with it :slight_smile:



cant wait to get this mini in my hands :o


Me to, I look forward to seeing how you convert it.

Glimpse the Void:

i did not like the pictures, but i thought lamassu when i saw it in person.


some friends of mine think iam completly gone mad

they would onlely belive it when its finished…ore gone wrong completly :~