[Archive] Kickin Chaos


750 game verse chaos. he had:

5 knights

12 warriors w/ hw/s

15 marauders

exalted champ

2 lead belchers

i had:

20 hw/s dwarfs

14 BB

2 Bolt Throwers

6 Bull Centaurs

turn 2 i got spirit of the forge off for 8 hits on his knights. good night.

bolt throwers took out lead belchers, and his lone character after he charged out of his unit to kill my sorcerer. BC slaughtered marauders on the far right while dwarf warriors broke and ran down chaos warriors. absolute slaughter fest. spirit of the forge is amazing.

Kera foehunter:

sweet i hate chaos knights!!!great job


Sounds pretty good. Did the Exalted Champ get your sorceror?