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Bad Gram Northern:


check it out: lots of great monsters

What do you think about this guy as a K’daai destroyer?

(the wings are optional btw)

Bad Gram Northern:

size reference:


That could be a great Destroyer, but also a nice Deamon Prince;)


Cronus golem would kick his ass, but I’m only saying that cos I have one. Cool sculpt.


Some pretty insane monsters in that campaign. And there are many other monsters to come.

They will be hell to transport around though.

That Khorne … Warrior demon could ake a cool destroyer. But I don’t like destroyers too ‘regular demon’. Would take of the wings and add a dawi zharr beard.


That could work well. I’d have put chains, runes and bonds on him if I had used him for K’daai. It’d work better for Daemons or WoC.