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In this thread I will post any new Kickstarter-style things that I feel will be of interest to CDO. Feel free to add your own or comment on them, or start another thread about one if you think it deserves more discussion. Remember that these are time sensitive, so if you don’t manage to get in on them you might have to wait awhile before they are commercially available, or if they don’t get funded then they won’t be available at all.

Here is the best listing of boardgame stuff that I have found:

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Oathsworn Dwarfs


Here is one of the models:


Yes, please do. I have a hard time navigating that place and always seem to find things that I wish I had pitched in on.


It’s a real pain to navigate the site, useless for searching unless you already know what you are looking for. Easier to find projects that you can’t even sign up for!

Here are some cool resin dungeon models:

Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain and Accessories by Itar's Workshop — Kickstarter

Some similar:

Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles: Revolutionary Miniature Terrain by Dwarven Forge — Kickstarter

Some really nice modular terrain:

Underground Lasers 28mm Modular Terrain by Francisco Branco — Kickstarter



When they hit 200k (which is very likely) there will be a great alternative to realm of battle boards for fantasy.

I am really looking forward to the ruined temple. Could easily be painted up to be a Chaos Dwarf board


A game called MYTH, which has some interesting miniatures:

MYTH by MERCS Miniatures — Kickstarter

Not cheap though!


Deadzone… stretch goal… Helfather Merc (CHAOS DWARVES IN SPAAAAACE)


Rothand Studio have a great looking Golem as part of their IndieGOGO campaign that would make a killer K’daai Destroyer:

They’ve also got a very characterful Treeman and Mountain Giant (Dwarf) - http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rothand-studio-epic-miniatures?c=home


All Quiet on the Martian Front, Miniature Tanks vs Tripods


You may recognise some of the designer names: Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore and Ernie Baker


Maki Games: High Quality Modular Wargaming Terrain



If you magentise your models then this will be great:



Red Box Games Dwarves, and Goblins, and Orcs Oh MY!!


Dungeonstone 3D Terrain - Caves and Caverns Set



Probably a bit late on this, but there’s a Kickstarter ending in a few hours that has a bunch of minis available. I posted this earlier in another thread as one of the minis–a furnace golem–is CD themed as a stretch goal which is close to being achieved, in case anyone is interested. Here is the Kickstarter link.


Wow- that got unlocked, along with the other ones you had mentioned!

I didn’t think either one would make it in… that’s quite impressive. Hopefully the models are good and then we will all have a few more options :slight_smile:


Wow- that got unlocked, along with the other ones you had mentioned!

I didn't think either one would make it in... that's quite impressive. Hopefully the models are good and then we will all have a few more options :)

Yeah, I was concerned that the furnace golem might not make it, and I didn't think the Shedu was even a realistic goal. That's the problem with Kickstarter--so many people wait on the fence until the last minute. Approximately half of the $$$ raised came in the last 2 days.

As for the minis, I hope they will fit in well. I'll find out in December--assuming they hold to their proposed schedule. If the sculptor closely follows the artwork, then the shedu may need some conversion work, as he looks a tad too contented and laid back to survive in a CD army. But this was a ton of minis and a great value IMHO.

Blue in VT:

Crocodile games have just launched their WarGods of Olympus KS…and the figures look very tasty…a good mix of historical and Hollywood…it’s only a few days old and already more than half funded…so we should see some cool stretch goals coming out.




Ugly Green Trog:


Female not Imperial guard, by raging heroes, quite possibly the best female minis I’ve ever seen!

Thommy H:

Those aren’t women; they’re caricatures of women made by sad little boys. Hardly a surprise from Raging Heroes, of course.

Kera foehunter:

lol now be good Thommy…

Of cource they mad the mad nurse after me !!!


A pretty interesting one IMO:


I have a tube tool and a fur-effect sculpting tool bought on another company’s website and it is damned useful, so i think those little stamps could provide good help too.