[Archive] Kill-Teams?


I remember back in an old White Dwarf I had the second half to some "Kill-Team rules, where one 40k supersquad attempted to take on a bunch of goons and a boss of another 40k force of some sort.

I’ve heard that it was also in the 4th ed rulebook too, and I was wondering if there was anywhere to legitimately get a copy? Like, if GW has it for download, or someone has the file that was available at some point?

Thommy H:

The original Kill Team rules are, as you say, in the 4th Edition rulebook. There’s also an updated version that appears as a scenario in the Battle Missions expansion, but I think it’s quite a bit different (more like 40K skirmish than anything).


If you like Kill Teams, then you may like “Death Squads”. This is a fan based rule set, with a MASSIVE fan base. I personally don’t play 40K, but this game may actually change my mind. I heard a fantastic review on a Podcast (sorry, I can not remeber which one), but here is the link to the website.


Let us know what you think? Oh by the way, it uses the current version of the 40K rules.