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Hello all,

I’ve played three games with my CDs now, two of which are against my friend’s goblin army, and for the last two games the bane of my game has been giants.

This last game was a 2400pt match. His army contained 3 giants. Whilst mine contained 2 Deathshriekers and 2 Dreadquakes, he also had an Arachnarok Spider with Great Shaman, 3 trolls and 2 units of 80 goblin infantry including characters.

My artillery squished the spider on the first turn and the Great Shaman on the second, and managed to kill 2/3 of each goblin regiment. But my shots at the giants missed, and had I expended more fire on them his spider or infantry would have got through.

What units do people use to kill giants? Currently I’m considering a specially-equipped Castellan.


The Dreadquakes seem like a waste of points. A Magma Cannon should do the job pretty well. :slight_smile:


there are 4 easy ways of dealing with giants:

1) two units of 20 hobgoblins(archers) will do the job really well, 40 shots at long distance (5+) is 13.3 hits this is 2.2 wounds per turn, maybe you even shot a short distance (+4) you will get an average of 20 shots, 3.33 wounds per turn
hobgoblins will only cost you 100 points each unit (200) i will recommend musicians (hobgoblins will also trapid the giant, they will die , but with luck they’ll kill the big dude.)

2)Deathshriekers with S: 8 and 1d6 wounds

3) magic, the lore of fire and hashut will help you a lot

4)and the easiest way is the k’ddai destroyer, it will kill giants easily in one turn , nothing to say about that , but is better to send the k’ddai where your enemy has his expensive infantry units/characters


I find hitting it with Ash Storm and Magma Cannon(s) will do the trick, simple and quite easy to pull off. Failing that a couple of Khan’s on wolfs to redirect/block him. 2 Khans at 60 Points each to stop 200 Point Giant sounds good to me :slight_smile:


You can not have 3 giants in a list. They are rare


Do they still have unit caps? I thought new rules were you are allotted a percentage of your points total for Rare, Special etc.

I only own 10 Hobgoblin archer models, sadly. I could try the Khan approach.

The Dreadquakes killed the Arachnarok and Great Shaman, and wrought sweet misery on the massed units with the Dangerous Terrain check. I don’t have a suitable model for a Magma Cannon or Destroyer, alack.


Yupp there is still a cap on how many of the same unit you can take


Do they still have unit caps? I thought new rules were you are allotted a percentage of your points total for Rare, Special etc.

ya in games smaller than 3000 pts no more than 3 of the same choice regardless of equipment and no more than 2 rares of the same choice regardless of equipment in games of equal to or greater than 3000 6 of the same special and 3 of the same rare


Great, so I can kill one giant with the rules. Given the lack of archer or magma cannon models, I guess the Khans are the way forward for the other two?