[Archive] Kings of War Rules


So the mantic orcs thread got me to wondering if anyone here had tried their rules yet? Thoughts? Criticism?

I gave them a look over at one point because I get e-mails from them and I thought it looked nice, but maybe just a tad too simple for my taste. As in so simple their aren’t enough variations in strategies and game play.


I think big simple battles is the idea of mantic (with a sideline in proxies for GW at a budget)

Had a look, the stat lines are simple, but it puts the emphasis back on physical battle tactics and away from magic items to a degree.


I have found that you can’t really compare KoW and WHFB, as they are two different beasts entirely. KoW has a much more simplistic design, similar to DBA for historical games. We shall be playing both sets of rules, KoW for quick/huge games, WHFB for when we want a bit more of an involved game and have more time to spare.