[Archive] Kludge for sale on eBay



Pyro Stick:

I saw that guy yesterday and i tried to find out who he was but i couldnt find him. Whats so special about him? He doesnt look very special


Kludge is one of the “Up the Wall Crew” set of miniatures, which are all fairly rare:


He is one of those figures like the Black Dwarf or the speciality sets CD that falls into the “might be a Chaos Dwarf, might not be” category.

I like him mostly because he is armed solely with a can opener :smiley:

Pyro Stick:

Lol i never realised he only had a can opener.

Doesnt sound like something i would find worth buying. Il lsave my money for the marauder chaos dwarves.


Like the “Can opener”.