[Archive] Kolossus Concept (WIP)


Do we have an Art section or thread?
To be neatened up and coloured:


It looks similar to an Ork Killa Kan.

Depending on how big you’re planning on making it, you might be able to harvest some parts off one of those (maybe even a defiler).


The chaos dreadnought has some bitz that would go well with this as well

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I definitely love the idea with the fire between the legs heating up the steam engine. :wink: The legs and arms seem a bit long, makes the whole think look spindly. I always felt chaos dwarfs would mimic their own squat appearance in their engines. All the cogs and chains look very cool, though.


Nice pic (You are very talented) though I dont really like the idea of a Kollosus looking like that that. Not when considering the description in Grudgebearer. Still a nice bit of artwork though.

- Tallhat


Hmm some interesting ideas here and great job on the art BTW. I agree it needs to be more massive and squat.

Really like the gears on the arms though.

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice drawing, I like the bull-head design in there!! :hat off