[Archive] Kopinksi V Smith.� � Which do you prefer?


Karl Kopinski and Adrian Smith.  Arguably two of the best GW artists.  Which do you prefer?




this is hard to chosex.x

i love Smith’s Chaos and Tau arts

but Kopinski’s art is veary good too.

i say Kopinski:)



Hard choices… Smith is a great one, but I think hsi drawings remind me of Heavy Metal CDs from the 80s… you know, colorful battles for Ragnarok and such apocalipse things…

I woul say Kopinksi, but some of his drawings seem to be like photos with lack of action. ‘Posing’, and some of then just don’t seem to be ‘real’ (not the right word, but something like that). Artificial?

That’s it! Both are great, anyways!

Alan the evil:

both rock, but kopinski it’s my favorite!

His pictures are warmer and more envolving…


Kopinski, but only from a personal angle. They are both very good.


Kopinski for sure. He’s paintings show confidence in painting and he knows where to loosen his style up and where to tighten it to draw interest. He can do a lot with a little.

I like Smith’s paintings as well - it has all the flavour of early warhammer and the technical prowess of today’s artists toward fantasy subjects.

Its a shame Kopinski doesn’t do art for GW anymore.


I actually prefer Adrian Smith. His style may not be so photo realistic, but to me it is more evocative.


I don’t find Kopinski very photorealistic at all. Its very impressionistic for the most part, definitely more so that Mr. Smith. I find Smith’s artwork very realized and tightly rendered, with equal attention to every part of his compositions and because of that, its very homogenous, very mundane. I like his rendering skill and his figures, but not the overall effect. Kopinski’s style is very much after my own painting style.


has to be Adrian Smith for me he has produced most of my favourite GW art work , riders of the dead and Emperor VS Horus to name a few, i own most of the art books that GW have produced, another great artist is Clint Langley


That’s easy.



Both good, I prefer Karl though.


i think i prefer karl to, he makes his paintings look somewhat warmer.

but smiths paintings are full of action and the facial expressions are matching upp with the grim dark world of wahammer( carl got this in a lot of his paintings to but all smiths faces looked weathered and tired)


Kopinski’s scenes are too confusing, but Smith’s have a definite subject and action in them. They are both great in their own ways though.