[Archive] KoW - 1200ish Pt Abyssals vs Dwarfs


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The Gods of IT know why but one computer wouldn’t let me edit, resize and then replace the original photo in photobucket but this one does.

Anyway This battle was my first in Kings of War.  My first Fantasy game in two years actually.  
Since the AoS plague occurred well GW death Plague to be exact. Cannot blame AoS itself.

I’m out of practice for these reports and its all from scratch notes, some photos and memory.

My original opponent couldn’t make. He would have brought Tomb Kings. As luck had it another young gentleman turned up with his KoW dwarf force looking for a game. He said roughly about 1215 pts.

So I went with the following
Iron Caster x 2 both with Lightning Bolt.
Abyssal Halfbreeds Regiment, Immortals Regiment, Blacksouls Regiment,
Decimators Horde, Gargoyles Regiment, Heavy Mortar and 2 x Rocket Launchers

Vs Alex�?Ts Dwarfs.
Lord Beserker on a Brock
Beserkers on Brocks Regiment, Shieldbreaker Regiment, Ironclad Regiment,
2 x (10) Ironwatch Rifles, Cannon and an Organ Gun.

Don’t panic if the points don’t seem even. Alex said it was and I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe his addition o0f banners and musicians and other sundry stuff brought his points up to level


Alex had played one game before and for me, this was the first game.  Due to the size of the table we deployed out to 18�?�
His deployment was an Ironwatch Rifle unit anchoring each flank, The brock riding beserkers regiment on his left with the beserker Lord on the right.  The two other regiments in the centre backed up by the war machines.
Mine was to place the Halfbreeds on my left flank and the Black souls on the far right.  The Decimator Horde on hill one position in from the left then an Ironcaster nearby to support them.   Across the centre near the back I put the two Rocket Launchers, with the second Ironcaster between them and the Heavy Mortar on the far right side at the back due to fields of fire.   The Gargoyles got placed sort of front and centre for mobility options.

Alex won the roll and chose to go first.

Turn 1 �?" dwarfs first.
He moved up fairly straight forward with most of his units.  Fairly predictable giving our respective deployment.   The speed of the Broks was unexpected though with the Beserker Lord immediately threatening the decimators and the brock regiment almost ready to charge my troops.   His RHS rifles put some damage on my decimators.
In my turn, I moved my two main regiments backwards to draw out the right hand sides shooting phase.  Then I moved the Halfbreeds up the left flank to threaten his RHS rifles and also flew the Gargoyles over that way to see what would happen and who he would choose to shoot.   The Heavy Mortar did 1 damage to the Brock regiment.  The Decimators and the rocket launchers put 8 damage on the Beserker Lord.

I’m fairly sure these photos are from the end of Turn 1


Turn 2 �?"

Alex charged the Beserker Lord into my Decimators and caused 9 damage before bouncing back.

My unfamiliarity with the rules left the gargoyles open to a flank charge by his Shieldbreakers, so that is what he did and completely routed them. His Organ Gun put 3 wounds on my Iron caster #1 and his 2 units of Rifles got 2 wounds on the Halfbreeds and one on the Blacksouls respectively.

In my turn, the Decimators countercharged the Beserker Lord, inflicting 4 more damage on him. I rolled enough on the Nerve roll to Rout him but the �?oInspiring Rule�?� re-roll saved his butt. Also my Halfbreeds charged his RHS Rifle unit and promptly routed them and turned to face the inevitable next charge.


Turn 3 �?"

The Beserker Lord charged the Decimators again, causing 8 more damage then rolled an 8 on the Nerve roll and thus Routed them. The Shieldbreakers charged the Halfbreeds, caused 6 more damage then rolled enough to Rout them. The Brock Beserker Regiment charged my Immortal Ladies. They caused 4 damage to my girls and bounced back.

My Ironcaster #1 was killed by another blast from the Organ Gun.

For my turn. My Immortal ladies countercharged the Brock Regiment and the Blacksouls got to charge them in the flank as well. They damaged the Brocks now to a total of 17 but even then I failed to roll a 7 so I could rout them. Both units bounced back leaving the Blacksouls open to a flank charge.

I hope I’m getting these photos right


Turn 4 �?"

His Beserker Lord began to move towards the Rocket Launchers, as did the much slower Shield breakers. His Cannon stayed still but missed its shot again and the Organ Gun was again moved to get it back into range of something.

The Brock regiment charged my Immortals and again bounce back but brought their damage up to 11.

His Ironclad Regiment wiped out the Blacksouls with their flank charge.

My Katsukhan Rocket Launcher got enough hits on the Beserker Lord that he finally karked it. And after countercharging the Brock Regiment again the Immortal Ladies finally routed them as well.


Turn 5 �?"

His Ironclads now charged my much weakened Immortals, caused enough damage that he was able to rout them in the Nerve roll.

As payback the Ironclads were routed by the combined shooting of all that I had left.


Turn 6 �?"
His shieldbreakers continued their advance as did the Organ Gun.  My Heavy Mortar to some damage from his LHS rifle unit and became �?oWavering�?�.

My shooting put 3 more damage on his Shieldbreakers

At this point I conceded defeat, but as the game of Infinity next to us was still going we elected to continue.

Turn 7 �?"
Exactly the same as turn 6 except no wavering on my part and his Shieldbreakers took 4 damage this time but still they keep coming.

Turn 8 �?"
Shieldbreakers finally charged my Katsukhan Rocket Launcher #1 giving it 3 damage but then bounced back.
This time Ironcaster #2 put 2 damage on the Shieldbreakers with his Fireball, enabling my #1 Rocket Launcher to finally rout them.

Turn 9 �?"
His Organ Gun now routed (killed) my #1 Katsukhan with return fire from #2 giving it 1 damage.

Turn 10 �?"
His Organ gun now put 2 damage on Ironcaster #2 making him �?oWaver�?� and his LHS ironwatch put 1 damage on the Heavy Mortar causing it to also be �?owavering�?�

Turn 11 �?"
The LHS Ironwatch Rifles killed my Heavy Mortar and that dratted Organ Gun knocked the Ironcaster out of the game.
In return my remaining Rocket launcher killed his Organ gun.

We finished up there with what you can see in the pic above. All that was left, was my lonely Katsukhan facing his cannon and 1 regiment of Ironwatch Rifles.  Only disappointment was that both sides thrown mastiffs did no damage what-so-ever.   Mind you his Cannon hadn�?Tt hit anything the whole game so I reckon I could have won from there, Honest! I could have.


Loosing that many soldiers and heroes should count a defeat for both. Don’t think the people home at the ziggurat ogør the dwarf hold would accept victory.

Good report. Great to see you being back playing the game!

I’m considering buying the KoW book. Too trybout both this and 9th Age.

Will you be going to multibasing?


We have one dedicated member here with the new rule book so that is good for us all to use.

And my rep’ as the worst general in these woods can only improve. I think General Custer even looks down on me.

Multibasing… Definitely.

I took enough models to field full sized unit blocks on correct sized movement trays, even gave Alex half a dozen to help him along.

But I quite like the idea of adding just that bit of diorama and terrain in between models on the fixed size trays and as a hobbyist the ideas are already rattling around inside my head. Models will be magnetised and all. And I’m thinking of a small space for stand on the back edge with a few labels like Unit Identifier, possibly a stats line and space on top for the inevitable damage dice


I hope you liked your game and you’ll enjoy KoW as much as I do !

For a first game you did pretty well, as there are lots of new things to learn (or to forget).

For your stats line idea, maybe you should have a look at this : http://westcoastgt.com/unit-templates.