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Iron Daemon galore! It arrived yesterday, and I�?Tm playing tomorrow, so I gave it a preliminary assembly and paintjob. Some parts are indeed sloppy; like the edges on the coal cart, but these won�?Tt really show for gaming eye-level, and things like the wash pooling on the buffers I can redo when time allows. It is indeed missing the smoke stack; Forge World�?Ts resident goblin probably stole it before shipping. Oh, well; not having it resin-gray for tomorrow was the goal. Success!

For the painting itself I�?Tve just gone with a dark undercoat, used straight metal paints and washed the whole thing in �?oBadab Black�?� (love the stuff!). A bit more elaborate on the dwarves, but nothing magical. The whole model was assembled, sans dwarves, before painting it; figuring the parts I couldn�?Tt reach wouldn�?Tt really show. I thought of painting the inner chaos symbol �?ohubcaps�?� to have them stand out, but opted not to so it wouldn�?Tt be �?otoo busy�?�. Not sure if this was the right choice. I look forward to seeing what others do :wink: (and blatantly rip 'em off). Some details have been picked out in red, since it�?Ts my army colour. On a side note the coal shuffler/stoker should’ve been all sooty, dirty and grimy, but I probably need a test run for this. Eagerly awaiting pics of what others do :smiley:

An assembling tip would be to do the whistle last; it was in the way for all other parts near the engineer�?Ts station. Also, like Grimstonefire pointed out �?" the insides of the barrels are messy, since there’s some sort of resin mold vent going into them. Still on the fence on what to do about this; it�?Ts not really visible while playing, but it can clearly be seen in the photographs. And the foot plates aren�?Tt fixed yet�?� Funny how one can see so few faults when the model is on the table and so many once it�?Ts been photographed :(.

All in all it�?Ts a cool model, with a lot of details. The resin was a lot more brittle than I had expected, but it�?Ts faster to assemble than metal, at least (memories of TK catapult and scorpion comes to mind). The crew is really exquisite, and the amount of detail and character is awesome. Now I just hope it will be worth its points in battle :~


great job… the metal is very realistic… :wink:


You did a good job mate! Like the colors (dark metals gold and red). It will surely do on the battlefield

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Nice to see one painted. Any idea what size base it would fit on?

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what I did with the barrels was to cut it in fairly deep, leaving it all messy at the back but trying not to mess up the sides.

Then I put a blob of greenstuff in each and used a paintbrush with a fairly wide rounded end to blend it more into a smooth concave curve.

Nice work btw.  Impressed that you painted it so quick.

Are you chasing up fw about the smoke stack?


Thanks for the nice comments :hat off

Painting it was really fast, as intended, with a spray primer, followed by a “wet” drybrush of all the metal paints, followed by a more-or-less complete wash with Badab Black. There’s a lot more that can be done, I’m sure, and I look forward to seeing other painted Iron Daemons, by people who really know how to paint with more advanced techniques.

I will certainly pursue Forge World for the smoke stack. Not only for the principle of getting what I pay for, but also because it adds a lot of character to the Iron Daemon. I think it’s a cool model, and certainly it will be at its best when complete. :smiley: Thanks for the tip about how to handle the barrels! I will revisit those, and the step ladders, when time allows. Probably after I’ve received the smoke stack.

Any idea what size base it would fit on?

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A picture says more than words; it sits on millimeter graph paper


wow! that is chunky!

Its even bigger than my Behemoth Empire Steam Tank.

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I was hoping to squeeze mine onto a chariot base…guess I’ll have to come up with another approach.

Guess the next best thing would be the new spider base at 100mm X 150mm. It would match the 150mm long but be a bit wider then needed.

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looks like it’s about the same size as the screaming bell kit… ?

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Screaming bell is 60X100 which is to small for this.

This model is minimum 75X150…so the best fit would be the new spider base (100X150).

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Your colour scheme real works on the demon…well done

Is there any chance of some shots from different angles on the crew?

(mainly the one with the hat please)

Ishkur Cinderhat:

You got to be kidding… you are assembling and painting a FW model of that size within a day?? o.O It took me a whole day just to assemble each of my Dreadknight, and they probably go together a lot easier than this war machine. I’m quite impressed :hat off


I hate you (envy mostly a "rushed paint job looks better than my best)). Mine arrived yesterday and I probably wont get it built for weeks (if that). probably take me longer than a day just to check that the pieces are all there. It’ll even take me a whole day to figure out the spray gun if I ever get brave enough to use it.


Quick assembly, quick paintjob, great result. Well done! Do you plan to add more war machines and thus form a land train?


Thanks for all the kind comments :hat off

The Iron Daemon has a total of 51 parts, while a regiment, or unit, box of 19 orc boyz have 95 parts to assemble. So it’s not worse than building two ranks of orcs! I’ve seen much worse flash on other GW-minis, and it’s both fast and easy to superglue it together. It looks much more daunting and laborous to assemble than it is; the instructions are quite easy to follow. (And the crew lent a helping hand (with whipping the ogres!)).

The best part is it has proven its worth in battle already; steamrolling over the board, outflanking the, obviously caught-off-guard, enemy Tomb King army and shredding the Hierophant to smitherees by turn 3. Hashut be praised!

And some pics of the crew: (clickable for higher resolution)

The stoker and gunner stand like drunkards.

It looks like the gunner’s had too much to drink.

The three stooges.

And one from up above / lying down.

And here the engineer is inspecting a sausage: (SFW)

Hopefully these’ll show more of the details on the crew. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures before painting them :frowning:

The land train is a really cool concept, but I don’t see the point in being able to move war machines like the Dreadquake Mortar, if it means one less round of shooting. So I’m on the fence till the book comes out; maybe there’ll be some scenariospecific reasons or something. For now I’ll just use some scratch built mortars with “Battle for Skull Pass”-crew and some hapless Iron Gut ogres as Dreadquake Mortars. (All the while lurking in the thread where people are discussing the usefulness of the Magma Cannon).

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Thanks for the close up shots!

Great looking model!

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Looks very good even with such a simple paint job (which is how I plan to do mine when I get one)


Wow! Very well done! Glad to hear it proved its worth too! Do you have any pics of the battle? How does it look ranked up with your army!!

Very cool piece!!


Do you have any pics of the battle?  How does it look ranked up with your army!!

Sadly, no pictures from the battle. I am still in the midst of converting and painting BFSP-minis, but I might take some pics when I'm done and "convert" this thread into a "fully armed and operational" army blog.;)


And here the engineer is inspecting a sausage: (SFW)

Thank God… I thought they were your fingers!