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yeah, looks great. you are a rather fast painter and your minis look very good, that’s cool! i can’t wait to see your first Army Pic" :hat off


Nice BB unit! Excellent Bull Centaur! That slave troll looks pretty nice so far. Great find with the Bull Centaur!

Like Snotling said, can’t wait to see a group shot. :smiley:


For your Slave Troll filler, I would recommend a spiked collar of some kind to further show its servitude. But, damn, you’ve made a rubbish model look good there. :0


Also, in addition to the collar, you could have a Chaos Dwarf slave driver with a whip directing him. :slight_smile:


Great stuff, as usual.

But man your first round of the tournie sounds horrid… Woodies are a bad match up for CD’s and there boring to play against but teamed up with the list from hell that would have just sucked! Also what was with all the terrain? I usualy kick up a fuss if in 1000 points (4x4) theres more then 3 pieces of terrain.


4/3 07:

On almost every forum I’ve posted this blog on, people have asked for a group shot of all I’ve done so far.

So without further ado, here it is:

Only things on the pics, that cannot be found elsewhere in the blog are the bull centaur BSB and the latest progress of the taurus rider (new mask and hat)


- Kyte



A higher rez shot of your painted Miniatures would be sweet too. wink wink But never the less, great overview of what’s done, and what needs to be done. Props!


yeah cool, i love such pics! keep it up so we can see more and bigger army pics :hat off


15/3 07

as my finger stopped bleeding, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. I could actually sculpt a little!

and over the weekend, I did this:

I got an offer in a trading post with 36 “Dwarfs of latest edition with enough for a 500pts army” for a mere �15, so I bought it straight away. When I recieved the deal, I got really happy. It contained:

1 Engeneer.

16 Warriors with Great Weapons.

10 Thunderers.

6 Warriors with Shields

3 BSFP Miners.

All painted to a tabletob quality, but that was stripped right after packing it out!

At first, I didn’t know what to do with the engeneer, and I decided to convert it into a BSB on foot, but looking at it, it looked more like a sorcerer. Having in mind that I already had a Bull Centaur BSB in early WIP stages (will be shown in next update), I decided to do a Great Sorcerer conversion for flexibility, and the possibility of having an all magic army. So I began to think about a theme for the sorcerer, and I settled on a fire daemon.

I’m very happy with how the conversion turned out. The dwarf itself captures the arogant feel of the 4th ed bighat models and the fire daemon looks flaming.

In other news, we have had 3 rounds of the doubles tournament. And I must say that me and ralph’s Wood Elf/Ogre alliance is doing very well. We seem rather unstoppable, and in 2 rounds, we have gone from 1 point to 8, which is a shared 1st place.

Our lists:


Noble, GW, SH, LB, LA

10 GG, LB

10 Dryads

5 GRs, LB


Bruiser, BoH, IF, LA

3 Bulls, LA


20 Gnoblars, SS

8 Trappers, SS.

Trappers are our hidden killers. They charged a HE noble on a chariot and made him flee off the table giving us close to 400 VP in round 1. The slayer army, who hid from our BTs, can’t get into CC with our units, and we can snipe the doomseekers and grant us the win. In fact, we haven’t lost any battles with this alliance, but scored a massive 5 massacres.


- Kyte


whoa, this guy looks cool! or maybe more… hot ^^. the hat looks a little bit soft, was that your intention?


Wow, nicely done! Sculpting FTW!


What could it be? It’s all in the picture…


- Kyte


What could it all mean? :open_mouth:

Can’t wait for more. :slight_smile:


It’s all very mysterious.

Father Grumpmas:

I await with worms on my tongue (baited breath :P)


01/4 07

I’ll start this post with revealing some of th previews I flashed at the beginning of the week.

Most of you might have wondered alot about th strange tree on the 40x40mm base. You shall not wonder no more!

May I present you Beast Queen Vargh’Na (Counting as Morghur in game terms) She is based on the Heresy Feral Priestess-Queen model, but I didn’t like her head, as it wasn’t beasty enough, so I switched it with a plastic beastman head, added some more horns and covered it with a hood.

Please do not mistake this for a Slaanesh beastman. Although she’s a gal, she’s 100% Tzeentch. I just got the model so cheap!

Fluff will follow, as I get her painted.

I however don’t think she’s converted enough. If you have any ideas, please tell me, but I won’t add a tail, as that’s not beastly enough.

Another preview, you might have been thinking of is the strange white wall with the skull symbols on it.

It’s not a filler, but a Display Tray (Still Unpainted, of course)

Nothing much to say.

And last, but not least comes the painted Fire Daemonologist-Sorcerer lord:

Compared to my other stuff, he is one of the best painted miniatures I have, if I should say it myself. The beard looks dull and flat in the pic, but it’s actually slightly blueish IRL. The daemon itself came out better than I’d have expected too.

Another thing, that has happened this week is that a member of one of the forums I’m using (Ogre Stronghold, Asrai.org, TLG, TDF, Herdstone, HoH, CDO and Warseer) I can’t tell who or which forum, Has offered me a massive �500 for 1000pts of Chaos Dwarfs! I just had to say yes to that deal. I even get to keep the Daemon Sorcerer, as only one Sorcerer is included in the member’s armylist! Even after making this comission, I’ll have enough Skull Pass models for 2250pts for myself! All I need to paint is my hellcannon, 10 BBs, 10 Warriors and 20 Hobgoblins!


- Kyte

And Xander. Could you please make me a new avatar with my Fire Sorcerer? If yes, make one 150x150 and one 100x100 pix.

- Kyte again


�500!:0 Someone has more money than sense methinks. My high horse and I both agree that its far better to have an army you’ve taken the time to model and paint yourself than to simply buy someone elses. Its part of the fun of the hobby after all! Still, if your modelling is good enough to get you this type of money, more power to you. Nice work Kyte:cheers Out of interest, how did you paint that fire daemon? I’m afraid I’ve nicked your bolt thrower idea, but I’ve made it even cheaper by using left over sprues rather than balsa wood. i can’t find the thick wire anywhere though. I’ve checked my local hardware store, but they don’t have any :frowning: Can’t wait to see what you do with the hobbos, those crew look awesome


Well, the comision thing was an april fool. Thanks anyway!


- Kyte


Bravo Kyte! Everything looks great! Top notch work. :slight_smile:

Hats. :smiley:


Best. Sorcerer. Ever.

Unreal, honestly that is one of the coolest conversions i’ve seen.

Cheers, Mont