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I am new to this forum, as well as new to sculpting. So I hope i’ve got the right part of the Forum for this topic…

I’m in the middle of doing a Manticore for my Chaos army, with some slight changes. Mainly, I’ve removed the head, and used the Juggernaut head from the Chaos Lord.

Now… I’ve got half a juggernaut, and a Lion head… First I thought it might be doable for a thunderwolf… but the head is completely off. And that’s when it hit me… Chaos Dwarves… I’ve been linked here before from LO, because of a minotaur deamon prince I did, and I’ve been quite impressed by our work with sculpting bighats and monstrous creatures and mounts.

So I’d like some advise from you guys…

I’ve greenstuffed a neck, and glued the head to the body, and I have an extra set of wings from the Manticore (used Balrog wings on that model, so got Dragon wings). But where would it be best to attach them?.. Anatomically and artistically… Shoulders, behind the frontlegs or some thrid place?..

I can see on the picture, that the GS wasn’t really dry, but after the picture, I redid the neck, and had it dry fore 24h before I cut if it shape and glued the head on, now waiting for the covering greenstuff to dry solid.

I know the use of a juggerbody will make the Lammashu look much more metallic and armoured then normally suggested, as well as the head not being all that big, or beardy for starters. But I would love to here your thoughts on this, really.


Just as I posted this, I realised that I might be able to place the wings right behind the frontlegs, and have place for a throne on his shoulders/back for a sorcerer.

Good/bad/scrap this idea?

Kera foehunter:

wow !! now that a cool idea!! GREAT JOB


But where would it be best to attach them?.. Anatomically and artistically.. Shoulders, behind the frontlegs or some thrid place?..
Well, I would suggest on its flanks, behind its shoulders, as you say. Anywhere else will look pretty odd, those wings are BIG.

To make it fit a bit better visually, maybe try and add a bit of armour to its head? Perhaps some scale armour covering it's beard or some such. Give him some horns too :)

Kera foehunter:

don’t forget the dread lock beard!!

the problem of having balrog wings is it a up right model

and your is horazonal

i say it need to be right behind the neck right at the start of the sholder


I’m using the Balrog wings on my Manticore, so I have the spare dragon wings that originally came with the manti for the Lammashu. (:

And I will be practicing my beardmaking for this one.

Uh, and on another note… Remembered that I have an old CD Sorcerer back home (Currently in Scotland, studying abroad) But will hopefully get my wee bighat when some friends come by for a visit.


As someone who may or may not have converted the jugger into a taurus recently (;)), the issue of where to put the wings is a problem on this guy imo.

I think the only logical place is to make a wing block ontop of the body between the shoulders.

Everywhere else requires a lot of work to look half decent.

I think you need to resculpt some metallic pipes etc on the neck so it looks like the rest, before you do the beard.

An idea you could try for the beard is to wind some wire tightly around something so there’s no gaps, then pull it off and glue it on.  You could do big loops, but it would probably look better being smaller and more of them (imo).

It would be a lot easier and quicker than sculpting a beard over little or no support structure.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would suggest what GSF has said and glue them on between the shoulders and on its back. It’s where it would make the most sense for me and then the Chaos Dwarf (whether sorcerer or not) can sit on its back in the seat section.

I just had a far better idea than making it a lammasu: create a beard that will hook onto the head (maybe by attaching the sideburns parts to a hat, so it loops over the head) and then you can use it as a Great Taurus OR a Lammasu! I’m surprised nobody’s thought of it before (to my knowledge). If you don’t do it, I will :wink: In fact, I might do it anyway, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

The other suggestion for the wing placement would be to have it on its sides, behind the front legs, where its riders legs would normally go (CDs have shorter legs, so you may get away with it), but (again, as GSF has said) it will take a lot of work to make it look natural, decent and not just stuck on.

Whatever you do, keep us updated!


Cant wait to see it painted and done