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I’m thinking of making my own lammassu, but unfortunately I’m not sure where to start. I was thinking of using the great stag model I have that I never ended up using, but what should i use to make the head?

Hashut’s Blessing:

You can start with a giant/ogre head as a base, then use greenstuff for beard and hair/horns etc.


what’s you opinion of the raging heroes manticore with Shedu/Sphinx head?


I think the Beastmen Ghorgon/Cygor box would be a great starting point - and then add any boxed wings Chaos Manticore, Dragons, etc.

The Ghorgon is ginormous and looks the part, horns & whatnot.

Quick shift in posture and you’ve got yourself a ride-a-bull. You would need to replace the front hands with hooves though.


what's you opinion of the raging heroes manticore with Shedu/Sphinx head?

If you want to use the Raging Heroes Shedu-head, then you can buy the complete model! It's a great one which needs no more conversion work imo!

But if you want to create your own unique model then you should use another cheaper basis for your conversion!



…I can’t find Xander’s post anymore but he made a fantabulous model out of GW’s plastic Manticore.

Edit: here you go.


Slap some wings on this fellow and you´ll have a pretty unique Lammasu! :slight_smile:

MIERCE MINIATURES - Flint-Fang, Kill-Thing of the Infernal Pits


The definition of lammasu seems to be getting pretty broad these days!


Thank you guys for your ideas/advice!

Goltor Lintrepide:

Slap some wings on  this fellow and  you´ll have a pretty unique Lammasu! :)


Could also make a perfect dwarf warrior or even an awesome Hydra! ;P