[Archive] Lammasu yay or nay?

Da Crusha:

I am deciding whether I should bring one or not. I like it because I can have some excellent mobility and line of site, but its way expensive and not really a good fighter. what do you think?


How many point game are you playing in?

Da Crusha:

How many point game are you playing in?



Depends the. A lord on Taurus is a better choice. The major drawback is that the sorcerer is flying around with no armor and could easily get picked off.

Border Reiver:

T5 Sorcerers are hard to pick off though.

What do you have as a plan to use the lamasu? If all you’re looking for is the mobility, giving the lord the Lore of Shadows and the base spell you’ve got practically the same mobility and the points savings can almost get you another regiment of Warriors.

Groznit Goregut:

What about a sorcerer lord on Lammasu w/ Lore of Fire? If he gets the Fire Sword spell, he would be pretty nasty in combat. That is, of course, if they don’t get to attack back!

The lack of armor or ward save really makes me wonder about it, though.

Border Reiver:

I don’t like relying on as mage in combat - it’s just too easy to deal with, and the lammasu is no great shakes in combat.


I’d say nay. As much as I love the figure, it’s not a good deal for the role you’d be using it for.

Great Taurus is a much better choice.

Some people know how to use it right, but I just think it’s way to risky even if you’re a tactical genius.


It is 200 points that could be feet on the ground.

201 points is 19 CD warriors with full command (Hw & Shield).

You could buy a mediocre to crappy monster or a solid unit to put him in.

Groznit Goregut:

I’ve never really used magic much in any army that I play. I’m just not that kind of guy. I think, though, that the CD sorcerer might be good to try. I just happen to love giant, terror causing, flying monsters. If you have terrain to hide from war machines and lots of archers, it could be do-able. It just seems like a fun way to use a wizard. If you get caught in the open, though, you might be in trouble. If you charge a unit, though, they will most likely not be able to attack back. So, you better break them on the first turn.


I run him with a Dark Mace of Death to mug small units of uber-heavy cavalry (blood knights, chosen chaos knights, etc.: everybody runs an uberunit), as well as fly around and generally make my opponent’s life miserable, but mostly because I just love the model.

Groznit, in my personal experience he can’t stand up to ranked units unless he’s using the mace, and if he’s in combat you’re missing out on 3-4 levels of casting. Worth it to smack an expensive cav unit maybe, but not to hit ranked infantry. March blocking and terror are the way to go…

While its pretty inarguably not the best way to spend the points, our list has other things (cheap bolt throwers, earthshakers and hobbo hordes to name a few) that make it totally possible to still write a competitive list.

Groznit Goregut:

Are there not spells you can also cast while in combat? I’m used to the Orcs and Goblin list which has many spells you can still cast in combat.

I wouldn’t expect him to hit a fully ranked unit. I don’t even think that’s a good idea with a chaos dwarf lord all tricked out and on great taurus. My warboss on wyvern certainly doesn’t do that and he is all pimped out.

I can definitely see hitting smaller units, especially with the Dark Mace.


The Lammasu is only really good to scare/kill war machines With lore of shadows you can move, magic move unit (lammasu) into a warmachine on the flank. Then cause some terror tests. But with only 2 attacks the Lammasu is really weak in combat give the sorcerer a magic blade that gives him an extra attack.

I don’t even use it until 3000 points anymore. I really have to get the Taraus finished.


I run him with a Dark Mace of Death to mug small units of uber-heavy cavalry (blood knights, chosen chaos knights, etc.: everybody runs an uberunit), as well as fly around and generally make my opponent's life miserable, but mostly because I just love the model.  

I've heard of a few people doing this, I'd be curious to see their results with this set up.

Alan the evil:

Sorcerer lord on lamassu with a Dark Mace of Death?

If I really want fly and scare and damage enemy units, it’s too much better great taurus (+2 WS, +1 S, +2 A, 4+ armor save) with hero lord who can fight even after using Dark Mace of Death and could have at least an armor save on shoot and magic… (if we WANT to use Dark Mace of Death)


It’s a bit counterintuitive Alan, but basically the DMOD is a one shot weapon, that doesn’t use any WS or Strength or Attacks to do its thing. With this in mind, why would you give it to a character who you have to spend the extra points on for these irrelevant charactaristics? Yeah the taurus lord can fight after his big attack, but you’ll get better results on him with different equipment- he can do almost as much damage with the black hammer, and the benefit will stay every turn. Also, I usually run wizard lords and this is a good way to make him more useful. This sort of thing is also unexpected and horrifying for your opponent to have to deal with- the front rank of his best unit is always at risk.

And willmark I’ve only run this combo in one game sofar, but it did well for me. I was playing against VC and managed to jump my opponent’s blood knights. It was a unit of 5 with a vampire hero. I killed the hero and 3 knights I was in base contact with, winning the combat by 5 (5 wounds and outnumbering vs a standard if I recall), crumbling the rest of the unit. My opponent was pretty upset that his death cavalry was clubbed like a bunch of seals, but thats the rules…

Alan the evil:

I’m agree with you tetnis

Infact i wrote If we Want to use DMOD…

I never equipped my hero lord with DMOD because i had better choices

But even a sorcerer lord could be eqjuipped better…

I don’t like too much this magic item

what i want to pointed is that EVEN with this subobtimal choice of DMOD, hero on taurus is still better than sorcerer on lamassu.

This choice could be good with vampire: thay have no shoot; lamassu has got resitence to magic; and DMOD can be used against a GREAT target like vampire count…

But with other armyes?

Some crossbows could be enough for kill your precious sorcerer (it happened to me with hero lord on taurus… it could easily happen to sorcerer too)…

but at least  it’s a game: if you enjoy lamassu, use it (i’ll never use it, instead)

Da Crusha:

thanxs guys, Ive been playing around with the lammasu lately and it just doesnt work too well, Im probably gonna switch it for a great taurus. unfortunately I was working on a pretty cool conversion for it but I don’t know when Ill ever use one nowx.x