[Archive] Large Chaos Dwarf Bighat army for sale (UK)


This isn’t my stuff, I’m linking here for Andy Spiers. If you’re interested, he posts as Godolphin on the Warhammer forum.

Here’s a link to the thread: LINKY

Am thinking about getting rid of my chaos dwarfs.

If you are interested, let me know on this thread or via a PM.

Looking at around £400ono plus postage. If you want to pick it up at a Tournament, let me know which one, and I can see if they can be brought to that one.


36 blunderbuss inc. Command (hero Character as Champion)

24 Warriors inc Command (hero Character as Champion)


2 x Earth Shakers

2 x Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers (crew not photo’d)

12-15 (cant quite remember) Plastic Black Orcs (With metal command) (Not photo’d)

10 Bull Centaurs

Bull Centaur Hero/Lord & Bull Centaur Bsb

Classic Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (Not photo’d)

Lammusu and Taurus (Riders not photo’d)

Painting is ok (not my best standard, but gaming standard), red and metals with new citadel washes mostly.