[Archive] Large Lot of Reasnobly Priced Chaos Dwarfs

Badly Oronparser:

I am regrettably having to sell of my Chaos Dwarf Army. It is in mint condition, untouched, some items still in blisters, all as new.

I have set reasonable prices as I need some money fast but there are buy it now options if you want to be sure to grad some of these big units before the bidding wars start.

My Shop

At this link you will find;

20 Sneaky Gits

30 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

30 Hobgoblin Warriors

30 Hobgoblin Archers

3 Earth-shakers Cannons (Sold separately)

3 Bolt-throwers (Sold as battery)

3 Death Rockets (Sold as Battery)

1 Lamassu

2 Great Taurus

10 Bull Centaurs

A selection of Characters.

Some of these items will go live on the evenings of the 2nd and 3rd but most are up now.


Some nice squats you have in your shop too.

Badly Oronparser:

Some nice squats you have in your shop too.

Yeah, I have kept many old classics out of sentiment and in the vain hope I might one day put them to some good use. Sadly the use they are currently serving is divorce which was not what i imagined i'd end up using them for when I bought them 20 years ago!

Keep an eye on my shop, as I go through a garage full of war-gaming stuff there will likely be more in that line!


Going to keep me eye on this. Need to reactivate the Paypal thingy though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully half the sale price won’t go to some ungrateful… “former Mrs. Gamer”.