[Archive] Large Modern Chaos Dwarf army looking for loving new home in exchange for £££


Good Afternoon Chaos Dwarfs Online!

I am in the process of parting ways with my Chaos Dwarf army. I posted a thread about them on Warseer and one of their members pointed me in your direction. I love the site and have lurked for quite sometime. Please don’t be put off by this being my first post I have a good reputation as a model dealer which can be seen here

So down to business. The following army is for sale:

Lords/ Heroes:

1 x Sorcerer prophet

1 x Bale Taurus mount

1 x Castellan

2 x Daemonsmith Sorcerer (including the Forgeworld event only model)


20 x Infernal guard with Hand weapon and shield inc full command

16 x Infernal guard with Hand weapon and shield inc full command

(I have converted five slave ogres to act as unit fillers- these models bump the units up to 32 and 24 respectively)

10 x Infernal guard with Hellglaives

10 x Infernal guard with Hellglaives


3 x K’daai Fireborn

3 x K’daai Fireborn

1 x Magma cannon

1 x Iron Daemon War engine

The army also includes a copy of the rule book: Tamurkhan in mint condition

As you can see- the army is quite considerable. It is well painted and I will be adding pictures to the thread as I take them. In the meantime please check out some shots of the army at this web address: http://paintwaterdiaries.com/2013/so…rmy-on-parade/

The models and book alone come to £520 pound. They’ve been well assembled and for the most part are completely painted to a high standard.

If anyone would like to make an offer in the region of £800 I would be open to consideration and discussion. If not I will put them on eBay in the coming weeks. I am based in the UK and will discuss postage options with anyone who wishes to know more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and even if you have no intention of inquiring about the army- I hope you liked it!


Wow, that army looks badass! Im sure you’ll be sad to see it go :frowning:

Could i ask what you’re using for the masks of those slave ogres. They really look the part and make the ogre stand out from those in a normal OK army.


Hey skamendude, thanks for the complements. I’m kinda hoping they either go to a good home or I get to keep them- but needs must and all…

The ogre masks are from the defiler. I’ve got some more i’ll pop up at some point :hat off