[Archive] Large Wood Elf army for trade/sale


Below is a list of a large Wood Elf army that I am looking to sell or trade. I will also sell the army for 525$ including shipping, and the Wood Elf army book. I am NOT looking to break this army up at this time.

6 Wood Elf Noble/Lord models(Waywatcher, Great Weapon, Bow, Wardancer, direct order BSB, White Dwarf Great Weapon, 2 Handweapons)

3 Spellsingers/Spellweavers(all different poses, one painted)


Sisters of Twilight on Dragon

Lord on Great Stag

Mounted Wood Elf Lord

36 Glade Guard(one banner)

24 Dryads(16 painted to a good standard, I will include some basing material so you can match up these with the rest of the army when you finish painting it.)

10 Glade Riders(2 Mus)

33 Eternal Guard(one set of command)

4 Treekin

6 Wild Riders(one set of command)

4 Warhawk Riders

16 Wardancers(2 sets of Champ/Mus also have some GW direct order ones that are included in the 16, 8 started being painted but easy to stip)

2 Treemen

6 Waywatchers