[Archive] Last chance- Lots of blood angles!


I need to sell my blood angles! Im thinking of trying out the Tau/ Eldar, so im willing to sell them realy cheap!

I have: 15 terminators, 10 marines, 2 transports, 1 dreadnought, 1 commander.

The over all value is $280, But i’d sell them all for $229!

If anyone is interested, Please email me at Jd_mohr@live.com!


Where you not thinking of tau and necrons?


Already did necrons, but now i have :Orks, Necrons, and blood angles.


Josh, please dont think I’m picking on you by pointing this out, I’m just trying to help you here.

You will HAVE to explain what kinda termys you have, you will need to show pics unless they are new in box or new on sprue. I still think you are setting your sights too high here, I think you will be more likely to get about 50% of RRP.

Your best bet would be to seperate this into individual lots, not many people are going to want that “army”. Its very lop-sided, and doesnt have 2 troops choices so isnt “legal”.

If these are the new termys and are in good nick you will have no probs finding buyers if you split them into squads of 5. Deathwing aside not many people need 15.

The 10 marines you can sell in one go. You will have to state which edition they are. Assuming they are the multipart and in good nick, again you should be able to shift them. Again 50% retail.

The dread is easy to sell but again the price will be dictated by the edition and they condition. Is it the multi part with the weapons options? if so you could get up to 60-70% retail. A FW one could net you almost 100% retail. The AOBR dread goes for about 10 bucks IIRC.

Which Commander? AOBR commander is only worth a couple of bucks, there are so many marine commander minis released over the years I couldnt guess as to the value without knowing which one.

I cant comment on the “transports” as I have no idea what you mean.

Ps, good luck and one last thing, if you do sell these on ebay or whatever you should spell it “Blood Angels” or it may not show up in searches.


I need to sell my blood angles!

I'm sure there's a trigonometry joke in there somewhere.

BTW, everything that Starscream has said is good advice.



I need to sell my blood angles!

I'm sure there's a trigonometry joke in there somewhere.

I thought he meant blood angles (non-Euclidean geometry) Cthulu marines :hat

Good luck selling them