[Archive] lava bases(1)


i asked this dude if he will produce some lava bases for my chaos dwarves and he made a whole bunch - so i thought id try and help him sell some , the prices are very reasonable and i think they look reallly cool

check out his shop


Pyro Stick:

hmmmm awesome. If i ever need lava bases ill know where to go. Thanks

Kera foehunter:

Sweeeet i like the ship deck and the ship wrecked baces.But the lava kick butt.


I’m definately gonna use this guy when I get round to finishing my chaos army (what do I mean finish - 20,000pts and still growing, it’ll never end!) Anyway, I’ll need some bases for my dragon ogres and Slaaneshi knights and this guys stuff is cheaper than standard GW bases and 100 times cooler


Slightly OT, but there is a brief tutorial on how to paint lava bases on CMoN if anyone is interested: