[Archive] Lava Trolls, ideas needed


Right-o lads and ladies, I’ve been toying around with the idea of converting up some of the BfSP common Trolls to use as Lava Trolls in my force and i’ll using the rules for Fireborn.

Now I’ve come a blank on actually how I’m going to convert them, any ideas will be of great help.




I thought of the same idea (but I wont go for it) and I think its mainly done in the painting part of the model.

Some small details like making the feet ‘melt’ on the base and a lava drip here and there and you are done.


Maybe have them vomit lava. Use that vomiting River Troll and make his vom look lava-ish.

Have lava channels on the bases.

Maybe use the stone troll models and try to paint/convert them to have the same cracked skin effect as the Balrog. They are generally cheap on ebay too.

Have you seen Thommy’s trolls?


Hmmm i like the ideas so far, but going to stick with the common trolls rather then stone trolls though (For no other reason then i have 4 spare in my bits box)

Maybe lava foot prints and such like.

Thanks for both your help lads. :slight_smile:




A blow torch on the BFSP trolls to get the really melty look would work…

Naah!. My last game I proxied 2 of the newer river trolls behind my custom-made fireborn and thought with a bit of work they wouldn’t be bad at all … painted all firey etc of course.

oooops… sorry I used the “P” word


pretty much as baggronor suggests, i’d go with a ‘lava-ey’ colour scheme on the trolls,

maybe yellow bellies shading up to red/orange around the scales. black scales on their backs and lava bases.

should look stunning