[Archive] Le mintys concept thread


hey all, so I’m not stumbeling in the dark like last time I think I need a plan (wow, I am desperate)

so my main ideas are

Warriors: dwarf bodies, with the facesremoved with a knife, along with the beard. I will then resculpt this with greenstuff, aong with a bit of armour altering, the arms will then be replaces with maurauder arms with Chaos warrior guantlets on the end. armour type not chosen yet

BB warriors: will follow the same thing as above, BBs will be sculpted on to replace CW arm weapons

Death rocket: I already have a thread on this

Hobgobs: based around bret peasants with greenstuffed samuri style armour (I have 2 images of hobbos, one of mongol style warriors and one of eastern style, fir the slave ones I’m going with the eastern one) and gobo bits added

Slave greenskins: will be made using regular greenskins with rsted armour and chains, with a CD slaver added in as a filler

Earthshaker: dunno, need suggestions, want it to be big nd mennacing though

B-centaurs - maurauder bodies and arms built like the warriors, but with shoulderpads, bare heads with long beards and hair, very scruffy looking with 2 great curling horns. the bodies will be based on regular horses ulked out alot, with armour addedd on

so, waht do people think of my plan

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think pictures of a sample model of each would be worthwhile, As for the earthshaker, if you can, try to get a Siegeshaker from Mr. Xander. I have two and they rock! It might be easier to remove just the beard and moustache and leave the original eyes and nose. Unsure of the proportions of the BCss though. They make seem like fat-horse-bodied normal centaurs. Trim the legs down so it’s shorter and cut half way through the marauder body, then sculpt fur/bull skin up to the marauder’s chest. Might work better…


For all the work cutting arms/ hands etc I would just use the Dwarf miners.  Nice bare arms AND the dwarf bodies.  Would save money, unless you’ve bought them all already…

For an Earthshaker you could convert one from the Basilisk:

Sprue: Imperial Basilisk Frame D - £7

Sprue: Imperial Basilisk Frame E - £7


Sure £14 is expensive, but then it would be suitably impressive. :slight_smile:

Or just try and find a cheap one on ebay thats got a terrible paintjob.


I like grims idea, should be nice, and since I HAVE an emporers wrath artilary company somewhere it should be cheap too, just need stuff to dawi zharr it up

as i lost my CD’s, I don’t have a smaple model, but when I make one I’ll post it - then laugh manicly - should be sweet though

about the BCs, I’m not actualy to sure, But I guess I should cut down the legs a bit so there not so horse like, and make a better tail

also, I don’t like the miners arms, I don’t like the arms from any of the plastics because there too god damn static, I don’t want every great weapon model to have the same pose

Kera foehunter:

Dear Minty or is captain Jack Hashut!! Bull centaur sounds cool


jacks not hashut, jacts hashuts funnier brother kera,sheesh, you call yourself a pirate and don’t know that.

I just had a great idea for une unit with great weapons, looking in the BB section I found…CHAINSAWS!!!, a whole unit with bigh, spiky, rippy chainsaws, mwahahaahahahahaaha, i have officialy lost it:)