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From Tomalok on Warseer:

So I tried to get to the 40k FAQ site and this is what I got instead:


Could it be true? Or is it just a killer conversion?


Since they took it down, here is what it said:


Over the next few pages, we will be taking a look at how to paint the Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship, including how to weather the vehicle and paint the interior detail. A great addition and centrepiece model for any Blood Angels army, this will be an invaluable guide to help you get the most from this fantastic kit.

Death from Above

The Stormraven Gunship is an incredibly versatile craft, able to fulfill the roll of orbital dropship, armoured transport and strike aircraft in a way that few, or indeed any, ships could hope to match. The Stormraven ensures that the Blood Angels remain undisputed masters of the skies, as dominant in the air as their troops are on the ground. Smaller and nimbler than the more cumbersome Thunderhawk Gunships, the Stormraven’s compact hull and vectored thrusters enable it to operate at maximum efficiency in all but the densest terrain. A Stormraven can often be seen hurtling straight into the heart of the enemy forces, unleashing its considerable arsenal in a terrifying display of firepower, before disgorging a squad, Dreadnought, or even both, into the thick of the fighting.

On the tabletop

With its potent firepower, speed and transport capacity, the uses of a Stormraven on the battlefield are myriad, but its role of choice is as an unparalleled assault vehicle. With a huge variety of weapon options, and no less than four tank-busting Bloodstrike Missiles, both enemy infantry and vehicles alike fear drawing the attention of its guns. A transport capacity of 12 combined with the ability to safely carry a Dreadnought to battle as well certainly proves the Stormraven to be a transport vehicle of the very finest quality. This unique combination of speed, firepower and transport capacity means that a Stormraven can support any tactical preference, so there is always a place for it in any Blood Angels army.

Nick: A Stormraven will be the focal point of your army, so it’s well worth giving it a lot of attention when painting it. These techniques can effectively be applied to any other vehicles in your Blood Angels army too, so keep this in mind and you will have a great looking fleet of vehicles in no time. I painted this Stormraven to match the battleforce that I painted for the Blood Angels army workshop in February 2011’s White Dwarf; it’s part of the 3rd Company, in keeping with the rest of the models. As a personal touch, I’ve weathered the model to appear heavily battle worn, but if you wish to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, skip page 6 and you’ll have an immaculate vehicle, fresh as if at the beginning of a campaign.


I know space vehicles are supposed to defy aero dynamics, but from what I understand of what this is it’s supposed to be a freight carrier like a Chinook.

Which is obviously going to be used a fair bit in normal atmospheres where aerodynamics should play a part.

To me it looks like a box on wings. I’d prefer to have seen it shorter in height and wider.



Is that it? (lower left)

Thommy H:

No, that’s a Thunderhawk. It looks like the original Stormraven picture has disappeared now.


My mistake. I looked at a few pictures online and all of the scratchbuilt ones seem to be ‘flying landraider with wings’… which I suppose looks a hell of a lot like a Thunderhawk, anyway. Or a boxy ‘Star Wars’ Republic Gunship


Are there any websites that show 40K starships - of the rogue trader or inquisitor variety? I’d be interested in looking at them!


I’m not a fan I must say. It has a very odd balancing, huge bulky front, and then nothing… I can see why the Ad Mech haven’t given it a go. I always thought they were idiots, but it seems they do understand style…

BTW you can see the pic on TWF here:



It looks like a male Thunderhawk and a female Thunderhawk had a few to many turbo boosts, and one thing led to another and had a little 'um


Geez, maybe that forum should be called 'WTF. That model looks really horrible. Terrible, really. A Toyota Yaris with wings.

With a name like ‘Stormraven’ I was expecting something with large, arched wings, a medium-sized body, and a big tail assembly, not… whatever the hell that is.

Epic fail.




Thunderhawks are their dropships. Drop pods drop them in. Teleporters drop them in. Jump packs drop them in.

They don’t need this not-quite-rhino not-quite-thunderhawk bogus.

Thommy H:

You’re a little late to the dance with that complaint since rules (and background) for it have been in the Blood Angels Codex since it was released in, like, April.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I agree the design is a bit disappointing but then again what do you expect from a model that ruleswise is obviously a downscaled Thunderhawk? At least the model reflects that, it looks like a Thunderhawk with the long middle section cut out.


I think this one is MUCH better: Sweet Stormraven


I actuallu like it, theres a stack of hate going round the various sites but I think it fits.

No it couldnt actually fly but then neither could a Thunderhawk. I for one will be getting one for my Soul Drinkers (no way would GW release this just for 1 chapter) I’m guessing its gonna be aound the £40 mark.


I think this one is MUCH better: http://huntersofthewarp.forumakers.com/general-discussion-f1/sweet-stormraven-t1602.htm

I agree.
I was intending to make a flesh tearers nearly-all death company list, and if I use on of these vehicles I will probably convert one to be more like this.


I will be getting one for my raven guard army that i am working on using the blood angels rules :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

That link isnt working so heres a pic:

And heres the working photobucket link: http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk57/GKTerminators/Miscelanious/Stormraven.jpg


I see a pinched spec!
I knew it looked kinda familiar (republic attack gunship)


Haha, like the look. Rather comical like a bumbelbee… :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Except that a bumblebee obeys the laws of aerodymanics.

That wee thing better have engines to provide lotsa lift - the drag from the front part will be incredible.


Except that a bumblebee obeys the laws of aerodymanics.

That wee thing better have engines to provide lotsa lift - the drag from the front part will be incredible.

Border Reiver
apparently it doesnt. Might be a load of tosh but I heard a bumblebee shouldnt be able to fly (but obv does).